Friday, July 31, 2009

Chiellini’s Charge

"Playing against great champions is always nice, especially against those who play abroad, because you are curious to know how you measure up". Giorgio Chiellini is charged-up and ready for Real Madrid. For a fighter like him, the match against the phenomenal merengues is even more stimulating:

"Real is made up of great champions but it won’t be easy for them either to immediately find an identity and perhaps it will not be possible for all of them to play together. We must maintain our identity of a team that we are trying to improve".

Asked about the value of Kakà and Cristiano Ronaldo with the Brazilian being paid much less Giorgio is objective:

"I think the difference lies in the fact that it was necessary for Milan to sell the player whereas Manchester United would only give up Cristiano Ronaldo at an irrefutable price. Saying who is better whether it is Kakà, Ronaldo or Messi is impossible. Objectively Kakà is not less valuable then Ronaldo or Ibrahimovic. Diego? In recent years he improved a lot. He showed he is capable of great numbers and Juventus can be his launching pad in becoming like them".
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Ferrara: "Friendly Matches Do Not Exist"

The Peace Cup is about to enter its most exciting part: On Friday Juventus and Real Madrid will play for access to the final of the tournament and expectations are on the rise:

"We will try to win – began Ciro Ferrara during the eve’s press conference – It is of great satisfaction being able to play such great matches, even though it is not the Champions League. When there are such matches, during a preparatory period with many important novelties, there is great curiosity to know the real value of the teams. Even though it will not give definite judgments, indications on what must be improved and on the good done up to now can be drawn. We are here to try and win the tournament and if this must be by going past Real, then it is even better".

In such cases one cannot speak of friendly matches and this is true in the eyes of Ferrara: "To me there is no such match as a friendly match. This is the mentality we must have whether the opponent is Real Madrid, Vicenza or Cisco Roma. If you are Juventus and you are striving to become a strong team you must always play to win. In such matches you don’t even need to work on motivation. It is a match between great champions and therefore all want to show their value".

The match against Seongnam which opened the doors to the semi-final for Juventus, already gave useful indications especially withy regards to Diego’s talent and the personality of Felipe Melo:

"It was important for both of them to begin gaining confidence with their mates during the match. It is clear that some players are more fit then others. The intention is to have all in the best condition possible before the start of the championship and therefore it is clear that Diego and Felipe Melo will have to play for longer periods".

For Ferrara the match is a first as a coach but in his past as a player the precedents are quite a few: "I remember Real-Madrid- Napoli (2-0) on my debut in the Champions Cup, played in an empty stadium. At the time I was marking Butrageno...". Apparently El Buitre in the past few days was seen in the hotel were Juventus are staying: "He was here? I didn’t see him, but in reality I didn’t see him neither when he scored in the return match – joked Ferrara – Luckily now things are different and I don’t play anymore…".

With regards to the possible formation against Real, Ferrara did not reveal anything: "we do not want to give any advantages to our opponents. All details are important even in this sort of match. Sometimes it is important to manage the group well because it is only right that all the players feel as if they are protagonists and having the chance of competing for a place. Even other coaches with more experience then me behave in this manner so it isn’t wrong. I announce the formation to the team during the technical meeting before going to the stadium".

No indications are given with regards to the starting eleven but there isn’t much doubt about the scheme to be used: "We will not change our scheme. We will try to play in our manner, knowing that before us we will have a team that is made up of great ball jugglers. We have other characteristics but we are working to keep ball possession as high as possible, even though the Italian teams are used to move forward immediately and seek the goal. It is a sort of culture we carry with us".

"The fact of fielding more offensive elements is not always a guarantee of scoring more goals. You can even have a different type of formation and shoot at goal by means of the midfielders. It is enough to think of Rome who for many years only had Totti in front with midfielders capable of shooting at goal".

Real seems to be a perfect machine following the signings made but Juventus is no less competitive: "Perfect teams do not exist. There are very strong teams but it does not mean they win all their matches. Having spent a lot of money does not always correspond to definite results".

"We lived this at Juventus, when for many years, notwithstanding a careful management, we kept on winning. They invested very much but we feel we can make it. I will not give percentages but I know Juventus can win".

Ferrara wants an aggressive Juventus, capable of spectacular moves but also of concreteness. The coach is not inspired by any team in particular, even though he admits he admires Guardiola’s Barcelona very much:

"Last year they played great football, with all the men moving but I wouldn’t like being quotes as saying that I would like a Juventus similar to Barcelona. I do not want to cite past teams, otherwise one would have to think of too many formations that made history like Napoli or Sacchi’s Milan".

"Remaining in the present day, Barcelona has great quality but even Manchester is a great team. I want a Juuventus capable of maintaining its characteristics of a team that never says die. It will be hard to be as spectacular as Barca and so we will try to be more concrete".

During the press conference, Ferrara is flanked by Giorgio Chiellini and the coach is asked if he intends re-transferring the defender onto the flank:

"I believe that at the moment is one of the strongest central defenders in the world and therefore I do not think I’ll field him as fullback. It could be a solution in a case of emergency, but generally we will be trusting the left side in the hands of important players like Molinaro and De Ceglie without forgetting Brazzo, who can also play in that position".

Finally a thought about Caceres who could soon become a bianconero: "The medical tests went on well and therefore it is probable he will be part of this team. He will be another element to give us a hand. Ariaudo’s future? Well, he is willing to improve and with five central defenders he might find very little space. It could be useful being loaned out to gain experience but even staying could be important. I believe very much in him and we will decide together on what is best".
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Molinaro, 26 Years Of Running. Happy Birthday Cristian. Your wishes On JuventusMember

While awaiting the match against Real Madrid and trying to win the prestigious Peace Cup, Juventus have something to celebrate already. It is a particular event which does not pass unnoticed.

Today, Thursday 30th July 2009, is the 26th birthday of Cristian Molinaro. The defender from Campania has reached this age on the run, just like on the field. Having got back with the group after totally recovering from the problem which halted him last year, he now promises to have another year as protagonist.

The best wishes from Juventus and all the fans go to “Moli”.

Send your birthday wishes to Cristian on
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Ferrara: "Championship Mode Right From The Start"

"The fixtures handed us important matches at the beginning and at the end. It could be dangerous both for us and for our opponents. In any case, it is better to start with two great away games, so we can get into championship mode right from the start. All this without forgetting Chievo who, if I recall correctly, last year managed to play a little joke on us".

This is the way Ciro Ferrara commented the fixtures of the Serie A drawn this afternoon. The start for the bianconeri will be a fiery one: after the first match in Turin against Chievo, Juventus will be playing two away matches (with an international break in between) at the Rome Olimpico – the first against the giallorossi and the other against Lazio:

"In the first few days it will be impossible to see the teams ready – continued Ferrara - it will still be a sort of running-in. The two away matches in Rome are difficult and will see the teams still not one hundred percent there, but this applies to all".

For a great start there is also a great closing. After the match against Inter on the 15th match day, the last match will be against Milan, a match which perhaps would be better to play without having the necessity of winning the 3 points:

"In reality having a difficult match on the last day changes very little – concluded the Juventus coach – I think that consistency drives the team to winning the championship".
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Diego: "Our Objective Is Victory"

The adventure in black and white of Diego Ribas de Cunha could not have a better start. The Brazilian, who made his debut yesterday against Seongnam took control of the game after a few minutes, gave some brilliant prescise passes and topped it all up with a fantastic goal. He definitely lived up to the great expectations: :

"It was a special goal which I hope was the first of many. I think it was a perfect evening for me, because after two months without playing I managed to win and score. I am very happy. Obviously, I still have to improve but I will manage through work".

What struck people most of Diego’s match was the way he clicked nearly perfectly with Vincenzo Iaquinta:

"When we speak of our attackers, we’re speaking of four high level players. With time I will learn how to understand their movements and where they prefer to receive the ball. Our scheme is similar to the one I played in Germany. Yesterday I felt well in that position. This system is perfect for me".

With regards to possible competition with Del Piero, Diego immediately cleared the situation:

"I am not here to compete with Del Piero. I am here to do my job and win myself space. Del Piero is one of the best players in the world and deserves great respect from all. He is a special player. My objective is to win. Personally, I don’t care who takes the free-kicks or who scores".

After having seen Diego at work, more people are convinced about the potential of this Juventus:

"It is one of the strongest teams in the world, part of the elite of football. It can win any trophy and that is why I am here. I feel well here, both with my mates and with the technical staff who are treating me with great affection and I can only improve".

The first objective has already been declared: beating Real in the semi-final and taking the Peace Cup home:

"We are not in the ideal form yet, but the match against Real Madrid will be special as always. We will play to win because our objective is winning the tournament".

The match against Real evokes the Champions League and Diego does not hold back on the subject:

"It is impossible for a team like Juve to take part in a tournament simply to participate. With the investments it made and the players it has it must always try to win. This is our mentality. Everybody is awaiting Juventus and we must be conscious of this. The Champions League is an objective, a difficult one true, but we must work to win it".

He is ambitious but with his feet firmly on the ground. Diego wants to help Juventus to win but is not seeking personal success:

"The golden ball is not one of my objectives. Those are things that come slowly. A career is made up of many steps and I want to concentrate on the first: playing well, helping Juventus and winning. The world cup is another great objective of mine. Up to now I have never taken part in one, but to do so I have to do well with Juventus and I am 100% concentrated on this. We must try to win and the rest will follow by default".
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Felipe Melo: "I Am Happy With My Debut And The Welcome By My Mates"

In the first episode of the Brazilian festival, in which Diego was the absolute protagonist, even Felipe Melo managed to play a role. 45 minutes on the field less in then a week since his signing for Juventus is definitely not bad at all especially seeing the result.

The midfielder can feel satisfied with his landing on planet Juve: "We managed to win against a difficult team which only two days ago drew against Seville. Since I joined my mates I’ve worked a lot. I am happy with the welcome I received and my adaptation is moving faster then I thought".

"I immediately understood I joined a great family and this is important. A long season awaits us an, even thanks to Diego, we can reach high goals. The scudetto is a dream but that is what we are working for".
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Legrottaglie: "There Couldn’t Have Been A Better Start"

Together with Sebastian Giovinco, he was the last to return from his holidays, but at the end of the day Nicola Legrottaglie excused himself for…the delay. On his seasonal debut he immediately had a positive performance (which coincided with the first clean sheet) and a goal typical of a striker, scored in collaboration with Giovinco.

At the end of the match, Nicola expressed all his satisfaction: "A debut with a goal. It certainly couldn’t have been a better start to the season. I am happy. It was the prize for the hard work I am doing at the moment, since I joined my mates. A player with my build always finds it harder to find his form. Diego? He is exceptional. We all know his qualities and we know he can do really well with us".
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Ferrara: "I Am Happy But We Can Improve Further"

If anybody still had any doubt about the kind of coach Ciro Ferrara is he would have had a clear sign at the end of the match in Jerez. Just like so many illustrious predecessors, even the new Juventus coach is one that is never pleased enough.

Even after the 3-0 victory against Seongnam that saw the bianconeri through to the semi-final of the Peace Cup, Ferrara is still seeking to improve his team.

"I am happy with the result but there is still room for improvement. At the end of the first half I was not happy and I even told the boys. In the second half, on the other hand, there was a good performance".

"Diego’s debut? I hoped it would be like this. His talents are known by all but even he has to improve further. He can give so much to this team. Now we’re through to the semi-final. Our objective is to win the Peace Cup even if we have to play against Real in the sem-final".
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Real Make It Through To The Semi-Final Against Juventus

Real Madrid made it through. After having unexpectedly drawn in the first match against Al-Hittihad, the Galacticos managed to beat Ecuadorian side Lega de Quito 4-2 after a tough match and a0-0 draw up to the end of the first half.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the dead-lock after a few minutes from the start of the second half from the penalty spot. Granero made it 2-0. After the temporary 2-1 scored by the South Americans Metzelder made it 3-1. In the dying minutes of the match, the teams scored a goal each (Negredo for Real Madrid) fixing the final result on 4-2.

The Peace Cup will therefore have the most awaited of semi-finals: Real Madrid and Juventus will be meeting a few months after the double victory by the bianconeri in the last edition of the Champions League. This time the match will not be played at the Turin Olimpico or the Bernabeu in Madrid but it will be a great match anyway. The appointment is for Friday 31st July at 20:30 in Seville.
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What A Debut For Diego! Juve Books Real

At the end of the day, the qualification to the Peace Cup semi-final was a smooth one. In Jerez, Juventus had their best match of this new season and tonight Ciro Ferrara can’t help but be satisfied in all aspects.

The final 3-0 score against Korean side Seongnam is the result of the great authority shown by the bianconeri who did not miss a single step. A match to enjoy, especially for the subscribers of Juventus Channel who can watch the game as from 23:30hrs, a match which should not be missed.

It was supposed to be Diego’s night and it was. The Brazilian left an impressive mark on his first match: great passes, a share in the first goal scored by Iaquinta (following a first-timer cross by Camoranesi) and the beautiful second goal. All of this in 60 minutes which were enough for the first match. Diego’s was not the only debut. The first 45 minutes of Felipe Melo were also good. The midfielder came on for Zanetti.

Great match by Legrottaglie and Giovinco who excused themselves for the delay in joining the team by creating the 3-0: cross by the Atomic Ant and goal by Nicola. One last remark? For the first time since the start of the season, Juventus achieved a clean sheet and even this is a sign of great steps ahead made by the squad.

What about the Peace Cup? Mission accomplished and semi-final reached. Now the team must wait for a couple of hors to know the name of their opponent against whom they will play on Friday. The name of the team will be known at the end of the match between Real Madrid and the Colombian side of Lega de Quito.

It is useless to say that everybody expects the Galacticos for a first tasty appetizer of the season. To meet Cristiano Ronaldo, Kakà and friends immediately, even though at the end of July, would be a nice way to test the qualities of the bianconeri.

In Jerez, Ferrara fielded a defence made up of Zebina, Legrottaglie, Chiellini and Salihamidzic with Buffon back in goal. The midfield was made up of Camoranesi, Zanetti and Tiago. The Brazilian played behind Iaquinta and Trezeguet.

The expectations are immediately satisfied. Diego has a will to perform and the rather careless way of playing of Seongnam suited him perfectly. There are immediately great spaces and the great touches of the playmaker are pure honey for his mates, especially for Iaquinta who is launched twice.

On the first occasion there is a dubious offside flag waved while on the second a precise save by the Asian keeper. The Brazilian also tried from a free-kick, one of his specialities, but the wall’s deviation made a well-calibrated shot look less dangerous. Seongnam tried to react and just before the 30th minute Dong Won put the ball slightly wide from an inviting position.

The dead-lock was broken on the 40th minute. A great one-touch bit of football by the magical bianconeri: Diego for Camoranesi who crossed to the middle with the keeper in a faulty exit and Iaquinta depositing at the back of the net. The striker from Calabria has had a great seasonal start after the mark left against Seville.

The goal saw the teams end the first half on 1-0 and the bianconeri draw closer to the semi-final. The second half began with the public who had their eyes all on Diego in the first half having to share their gazes with Felipe Melo who came on for Zanetti.

Once again the match starts off with the duo Diego-Iaquinta. The Brazilian passed to the striker who moved past an opponent and passed to Trezeguet who missed from just under the goal. The goal is however scored by Diego and it is a real pearl. Two touches with the soles of his shoes to get rid of a rival player and a beautiful left-footed shot to the corner of the net with no chance for the Korean goalkeeper: 2-0 and result assured.

The Brazilian’s match came to an end after an hour. He left the field for Giovinco (also on his seasonal debut) amidst the applause of the public. Molinaro replaced Zebina. Buffon cannot just be a spectator and saved following an incursion by Radonzic. Ferrara’s team immediately won back control of the match and Trezeguet went close to the third goal heading after a perfect cross by Camoranesi: well done to the Korean keeper.

There is however, just a short while to wait before the third goal and it is created by the last two players to join the squad. On the 26th minute Giovinco runs on the flank and crosses to Legrottaglie who headed the ball hammering it into the back of the net.

Marrone also came onto the field, as a replacement for Tiago, Ariaudo on for Legrottaglie and Chimenti on for Buffon but the match has nothing left to say. Seongnam seeks a bit satisfaction but this denied them by Chimenti, Juventus try to pass the time and begin to think of Friday’s semi-final, without yet knowing the name of their opponent for which they still have to wait for a few more minutes.


Juventus (4-3-1-2): Buffon (Chimenti); Zebina, Legrottaglie, Chiellini, Salihamidzic; Camoranesi, Zanetti (Melo), Tiago; Diego (Giovino); Trezeguet, Iaquinta.

Seongnam (4-4-2): Sung Ryong Jung; Sung Hwan Kim, Ognenovski Byung Kuk Cho, Hack Yong Jang; Dong Won, Han, Ho Lee, Jung, Woo Kim, Ban; Dong Geong, Cho, Radonzic.

Goals: Iaquinta (J), Diego (J), Legrottaglie (J).
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Athletic And Tactical Work In Seville

Juventus are continuing to work hard in Seville. Even today the bianconeri trained in the evening to escape the heat, on the field of the Estadio Guadalchivir.

The team was divided into two groups: first the defence worked with Maddaloni on positioning and defensive movements while the midfielders and the attackers were busy on a sort of “obstacle race”, carrying out mixed tactical work, made up of sprints, movements and changes of direction.

After half an hour the two groups changed over and it was the turn of the strikers and the middle line to work on the tactical aspects before a mini-match on a reduced field which involved the whole team.

Diego took part in the entire session with his mats, Momo Sissoko stayed in the gym while De Ceglie worked separately.

The bianconeri will get back to work on Monday evening to prepare the second match of the Peace Cup on Tuesday in Jerez at 20:30hrs.
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A Goalless Draw Between Seville And Seongnam

The match between Seville and Seongnam, the opponents of Juventus in the group phase of the Peace Cup, ended 0-0.

Notwithstanding the supremacy of the home team, it was the Koreans who had the best chances but the score never changed.

Juventus is at the top of the table with three points, followed by Seongnam and Seville, who have now been eliminated, with one point.

At this point the match against the Koreans on Tuesday (20:30hrs in Jerez) will be decisive to establish who will go through to the next round. A draw is enough for Juventus.
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Secco: "Trezeguet Is Staying"

"Trezeguet will be with us even this year, I am practically sure". Alessio Secco swept away any doubts. The sports director met with journalists this morning to speak about the transfer market.

"Juventus are very happy to keep Trezeguet. If he had to come to us to be transferred and came along with an interesting offer for all parties, we might take it into consideration. This is the agreement we have with him and his agent. At the end of the last championship he had made us understand that if the right offer came he would have considered a possible transfer".

"It must also be said that, see the situation of the transfer market and his salary, it is not that easy to find a team of his level. We have not received any offers up to now. There was only some interest shown by foreign clubs but they did not present interesting proposals. Clearly, if he had to leave, we would have to buy another attacker but one with his characteristics would be hard to find".

"This is why we are not looking for buyers: we think that he can still give much to Juventus and we do not have the necessity to sell him. If the situation had to change David would not be transferred to any Italian teams. Anyway my feeling is that Trezeguet will stay with us".

On the other hand, the Frenchman is training with great professionalism and has already scored two goals in the pre-season matches against Cisco Roma and Vicenza: :

"He is working well and giving all on the field. – went on Secco – On Friday he did not play against Seville because he suffered a light blow to the knee during training in the morning and therefore his absence was agreed on with the coach".

From one attacker to the next, from Trezeguet to Amauri. The Brazilian, sent-off against Vicenza, immediately made-up by scoring against Seville:

"Amauri immediately apologized to the coach and his mates after the mat6ch against Vicenza. The day after I called him to my office and he also apologized to the club. This year we made important investments and we must make sure they bear fruit and therefore we must be careful when it comes to behaviour and regulations and recreate that style that was a winning one for so many years. Amauri understood, that even though he was provoked, he made a mistake and made-up in the match against Seville with an excellent performance".

Going back to outgoing transfers, the other name which was recently always spoken of is that of Christian Poulsen who, like Almiron, was not called-up for the match in Spain:

"I spoke to Poulsen’s agent last week and he asked me for a few days to consider the situation. If he were to decide to stay, we would not bandage our heads but we spoke to him clearly and the fact that he was not called-up for the tournament in Spain was a clear signal. The player has many requests especially from English teams".

The transfer of Poulsen is linked to the possible arrival of Caceres from Barcellons:

"We like Caceres and we are not trying to hide that but the deal has not yet been concluded. We feel the team is already complete even though his eventual arrival would be the cherry on the cake. For this to happen other situation with regards to other players must be solves, Poulsen in particular. However, if we sign Caceres it would be on loan".

Juve therefore, is not stopping. It is a sign of a healthy club, and this especially significant in a time when other realities are forcing teams to limit themselves on the transfer market:

"The events of 2006 allowed us to anticipate the crisis which others are currently going through and this allowed for the spending of approximately 50 million. A shift in balance? The field will say. Many spent just enough to fix their balance. We, on the other hand, even though we spent a lot, will break even , even if we do not sell anyone".

Another merit of the club management is the speed with which they acted on the transfer market, bringing home three great players like Cannavaro, Diego and Felipe Melo:

"When the opportunity to bring back Cannavaro to Turin came up, we thought it was an opportunity we should take because besides what he is capable of doing on the field he will also bring a winning mentality. Fabio is a healthy carrier. Apart from him however, I would not take back any of the players who left in the summer of 2006".

"With regards to Diego, we moved in time and it is a good thing we did, otherwise we would have probably paid much more for him seeing the vicious circle which was created in price terms".

"Melo was expensive? It is true, but at the end of the day the price of a player is relative when compared to the input on the field. Seeing for example, the price of Xabi Alonso, I would say that Melo did not cost much. On the other hand, having a release clause , Fiorentina would have never sold him to Juventus for a lower price".

The Brazilian joined Juventus after that for some time it seemed like the midfielder Juventus were about to buy was D’Agostino:

"We did not allude him. We were interested in him and we think his evaluation was in line with our offer. When we understood we should spend more money we turned on to Melo, a different but more functional player for our project. I think he has a better presence and physique on the field. D’Agostino is perhaps more technically talented but we believe that Melo can give more. With him we added kilos and centimetres but also quality to our midfield".

The signings were made. Now it is up to Ferrara to make them render as much as possible:

"I am very happy with Ferarra. A lot of work is being done but in the right spirits: there is happiness and serenity. A good group is being formed and the merit also goes to his collaborator. Juve must get back to thinking big: they must have to want to win even the friendlies and the trophies with no official value. We must bring back the winning mentality and get angry even when we lose a friendly. In these last few years this spirit had dwindled and now is the time to revive it".
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fine-Tuning Before The Debut In The Peace Cup

Juventus had a fine-tuning session this morning at the Estadio Guadalchivir. The bianconeri were on the field at 10:30hrs to perfect the mechanisms in view of tonight’s match against Seville, the first match of the Peace Cup at the Estadio Olimpico.

Ferrara divided the group into two similar teams, who while paying on half the field, tried out various solutions ranging from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2, putting into practice one of the coach’s principles: Juventus must be capable of playing in different formations, even during the match itself.

Diego took part in all the session with his team mates, while Momo Sissoko and Paolo De Ceglie remained in the gym. Camoranesi worked separately to recover from a blow to the calf suffered during training yesterday.
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Season Tickets: Last Year’s Quota Reached

With little less then a month to the beginning of the 2009/10 Serie A (the bianconeri will play their first match at home on the 22nd or 23rd of August), the season ticket sale is coming to an end.

One week before the end of the sale, on the 1st of August, Juventus can already announce the reaching of the number of season tickets sold last year. Up to today both ends are already sold out as well as the East Side and Family Stand.

The success was expected after the first part reserved to the season ticket holders of last year (with 85% confirming their seats) and this confirms the supporters’ will to see the new team of Ciro Ferrara at work.
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Del Piero: "We Want To And Must Improve"

"In all the matches, even in the friendlies, in which the scope is improving the physical condition and finding automatisms, there is the possibility of improving. There is still a long way to go, however, to reach the top condition and even this second training camp, so to say, will be taken with the maximum of dedication".

Alessandro Del Piero appeared to be amongst the most in form layers in the first matches against Cisco, Nancy and Vicenza, but the captain is not satisfied and wants to leave his mark even in the Peace Cup, perhaps by winning the award for best player of the tournament:

"It could be a stimulus for each of us and I hope it will be a Juventus player to win it because it would me we went all the way. The award will be a result of team work".

The discourse shifts to the gap between Juve and Inter, especially due to the imminent departure of Ibrahimovic which could help reduce it further:

"With the departure of Ibrahimovic, Inter and the Italian championship have lost a great player but they gained another. Ibrahimovic and Eto’o are amongst the best in their role and I don’t know if Inter will be weakened or not, because Eto’o has enormous potential. Trezeguet to sign for Milan? It would be strange".
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Ferrara: "We Are Working To Create A Great Team"

Juventus are starting to get down to serious work. In fact on Friday the bianconeri will make their debut in the Peace Cup in a match against Seville, a top Spanish Liga team:

"We have been taking things seriously since the 9th of July – clarifies Ciro Ferrara in the press conference launching the tournament – It is clearly an important appointment which will see us playing against teams of a certain level. It is however since the 9th of July that we have been working on becoming a team".

For the Peace Cup, Ferrara will finally have the complete squad at his disposal. "It will be a useful test to evaluate the team’s conditions. The internationals joined a short while ago and yesterday three important players, Legrottaglie, Giovinco and Melo, joined the team".

Attention is obviously on the new signings: "Melo must work to get back into shape, seeing that he finished with the Confederations Cup rather late. Expectations in his regard are very high just like the ones for Diego and Cannavaro but I expect more from all at Juventus".

"The first year in black and white can be tough and therefore it is my intention not to put too much responsibility on the new signings. I am not referring to Cannavaro who know the environment well but definitely to Diego and Melo".

"Diego will today begin working with the ball. We do not ant to rush things and him playing will depend on how far we go in the tournament and therefore we hope to advance and be able to utilize him".

Christian Poulsen’s absence attracted much attention: "He was not called-up for this tournament – explained Ferrara -. We spoke to him and he behaved very professionally during training. He must also think of the opportunity of playing in the world cup. It is a technical choice. He will now train in Turin and when we get back he will join the group again".

The Spanish journalists asked him about the deal regarding Caceres of Barcellona. "At the moment Caceres is not a Juventus player. Contract? “Jo no lo se” " answered Ferrara in Spanish, while smiling.

The Juventus coach got back to seriousness speaking of the next opponents: "Seville is a very good team. Up to a few days ago a dear friend of mine, Maresca, played for them.I know certain individualities well and it will be an important test even if they will be missing Luis Fabiano and Kanoutè. I have not yet decided with regards to the formation I will field. We will try to allow all the players to get match practice. There will space for everybody".

Talk shifts to the possibility of meeting Real Madrid in the semi-final: "I’d like to because it would mean that we won our group. Before getting to that match, however, we have two more to play. I would not like to read: “Bring on Real Madrid” in tomorrow’s papers. They spent a lot of money but if they could afford it then they did the right thing. Lately however, I think, even Platini is intended to regulate the situation to make sure clubs have a reasonable balance".

After the last two draws against Nancy and Vicenza, it would be important to get back to winning, even to help convince the team: "The attempt to improve physical condition must also come through positive results, but at this time of the season it is not fundamental. They help you work more tranquilly but they must not distract us from the idea of team work and the type of game we want to propose".

With regards to work, it will be hard to work in the 40 degree temperatures of Seville: "The important period was the one in Pinzolo. Now we will have to adapt to the climatic conditions. We will train early in the morning to avoid the heat. We must not pull back. The work will continue as planned".

After Seville, Juventus will play against the Korean side of Seongnam: "It will be a new experience – commented Ferrara -. I am not a connoisseur of Korean football but it is stimulating to play against it. They will give us a tough nut to crack because nowadays there are high level teams all over the world".
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Buffon: "I Have A Good Feeling"

One adventure ends and it is soon time for another. After the parenthesis in the fresh air of Pinzolo, Juventus have changed place and climate for their second part of the preparation. The team is off to Spain, in the region of Andalusia, and the heat of Seville to play for the Peace Cup.

Seeing the sort of teams competing, the tournament represents an important opportunity for Ferrara’s team to compare itself with top rivals, but also to continue uniting the group, which is finally complete following the return of Legrottaglie and Giovinco and the addition of Felipe Melo.

Before departing, from the Torino Caselle airport, Gigi Buffon spoke about this. "I have a good feeling. Thanks to the good work done by the management, the team has been strengthened, but this is not enough to win. Many components are necessary. We will still have to work hard to obtain results. Now, we must only think of working and only after can we understand if we are capable of reaching our objectives".

After the first matches against Cisco Roma, Nancy and Vicenza, on the Iberian island the bianconeri will meet hosts Seville and Korean side Seongnam and in case they make it through to the next round, the possibility of encountering Cristiano Ronaldo’s and Kaka’s Real Madrid. These are further tests to evaluate the team’s improvement and the hope to finally see Diego in action. Even before showing his capabilities on the field, the Brazilian managed to win everybody, Buffon included:

"I haven’t yet had the occasion to see him at work on the field and I can only speak of him as a person. I can’t help but saying he’s splendid, he entered the group on tip-toes with total humility. A person like him can make us do a great leap in quality".

Finally, comes the unavoidable question about the next championship and the possible duel with Inter, especially in light of the possible departure of Ibrahimovic to join Barcellona and the arrival of Eto’o for the nerazzurri. The Juventus number one does not think the rivals are weakened:

"A champion like Eto’o cannot be considered as the last in class. He cored many goals in these last years and contributed to the victories of Barcellona".
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Amauri: "The Red Card Against Vicenza? I Made A Mistake"

LI am really sorry about the sending-off against Vicenza. I made a mistake which the team paid an expensive price for". Amauri admits his faults. The red card he was shown on the 18th minute of the match in Trento on Tuesday, landed his mates in difficulty and ruined Ferrara’s plans. The Brazilian, going back on the episode admitted his mistake: "At this point in the preparation it is important to assimilate schemes and movements on the field and this, after my exit from the field, was not possible. I apologize to the club, the coach, my mates and the supporters. The incident will serve me as a lesson so as not to repeat similar mistakes".
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Lippi tips Inter and Juve

Italy Coach Marcello Lippi is now certain Inter have what it takes to win the Champions League, but believes Juventus will take the Scudetto from them. Both clubs have been reinforcing their teams ahead of next season, causing some pundits to talk about a renaissance in Italian football.

“Let's not joke, Serie A has not been transformed into a second rate championship. Sure, Kaka has entertained us for many years. Ibra has made the difference for Inter, but our movement always manages to propose new stars,” Lippi told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I would like everyone to remember that, some years ago, a man by the name of Zidane chose to leave for Real Madrid, but Italian football, despite the loss of a phenomenon like Zizou, won a World Cup and some Champions League titles.

“Let me remind you of three names destined to light up our Sundays. Eto'o is not inferior to Ibra. Actually he has a better goal to game ratio. Lucio had thousands of offers, but chose Inter. Finally Diego is a formidable and very young talent.”Asked if he agreed with the belief that the economic crisis is penalising Italian football, Lippi replied: “The problem is not Italian, but global. Real Madrid are not the normality. The problem is that we will come out of this crisis in only one way: building champions at home.

“However, to go down this road we have to protect the good coaches. Instead, the academies earn loose change and the coaches, even the best prepared, are forced to accept jobs in the Lega Pro to earn money.”

Asked if Italian football needs to win the Champions League, Lippi replied: “Inter are one of the three favourites after Barcelona and beware the Manchester United of my friend Ferguson. He still has a mountain of money to spend and has already signed Owen. Manchester have a winning framework and they will conserve it despite Ronaldo's departure.” Lippi didn't reserve Real Madrid the same praise.

“Kaka and Ronaldo are two phenomenons and two proud men, but you cannot invent a team capable of winning the Champions League in a month. Real need at least a year of 'construction'.”

Asked to explain what he likes about Inter, Lippi replied: “I like Eto'o and Milito makes me enthusiastic. He is a champion who works for his team-mates. Everyone will see that Mourinho will make Inter acquire the right European mentality. Inter are ready to win in Europe or at least reach the Final.”

Passing to Juve, Lippi said: “They are ready for the Scudetto. I remember what Gianni Agnelli always used to say: 'I prefer to win the championship rather than the Champions League.' The Bianconeri have decided to open a new cycle.

“I like this 'new' Juve a lot. The new signings. Ferrara on the bench. The staff with the return of Gautino. The frightening euphoria of the fans. It's the petrol that can help Juve fight shoulder to shoulder with Inter from the first day of the championship.”
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Peace Cup Team Guide: Juventus

Giorgio Chiellini in acton with Juventus

Bolstered by Brazilian midfield imports Diego and Felipe Melo, the Bianconeri have Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan in their sights as they begin the quest to bring the Scudetto back to Turin.

Preseason hurdles include La Liga third-place finishers Sevilla and Korea’s Seongnam who are, according to Juventus’ official website, “only lacking some improvement in their main matter pending: defence.” An ironic statement given the Old Lady’s current state of affairs.


Juventus are the most successful club in Italy, having won 27 league titles (not counting, of course, the two rescinded in the wake of the Calciopoli scandal). Their first era of dominance began in the early 30’s when they romped to five consecutive Scudetti.

However, their return of two European championships is seen as highly unflattering for a team of Juve’s stature and it wasn’t until 1985 that they captured the trophy on the strength of current UEFA president Michel Platini’s penalty kick. It’s a dark footnote that their first European victory served as the backdrop to the Heysel Stadium Disaster, which resulted in the deaths of 39 people, mostly Juventus supporters.

In 2006, the club were relegated to Serie B after certain club officials were implicated in the Calciopoli scandal. A handful of top players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Patrick Vieira and Fabio Cannavaro jumped ship, though the team nevertheless bounced back up after one season.


Juventus have been steadily rebuilding their squad since returning to Serie A though this hasn’t always gone according to plan. High-profile Portuguese midfielder Tiago is one of the biggest flops in recent memory.

With the arrival of defensive midfielders Mohamed Sissoko and Christian Poulsen, from Liverpool and Sevilla respectively, Juventus had two hard-nosed ball-winners but not much more in the way of playmaking. The Bianconeri have been forced to continually rely on the aging legs of Alessandro Del Piero, Mauro Camoranesi, David Trezeguet and the now-departed Pavel Nedved.


Werder Bremen’s Diego and Fiorentina’s Felipe Melo were brought in to jump-start the team’s often sluggish attack. Diego’s role as the number 10 will unburden Del Piero, who can now push higher up the field. It remains to be seen if Melo will repeat his splendid Fiorentina form while much anticipation surrounds 22-year-old Sebastian Giovinco, who is expected to have a breakout season.

It’s the defense that’s more worrisome. The ossifying Fabio Cannavaro is the only significant acquisition in the rear guard and his slowing motor was woefully exposed by a rampant Liverpool in Real Madrid’s Champions League mauling last year. Of even more concern is the recent form of Giorgio Chiellini, considered by many to be the next great Italian centre-back until an insipid showing at the Confederations Cup revealed a ponderousness to his game that’s not often taken advantage of in Calcio. It’s fair to say that full-backs Jonathan Zebina and Zdenek Grygera will prompt few managers to alter their tactics.

Peace Cup 2009

This will be a time to blood Diego and Melo, find the optimum role for Del Piero and allow Sissoko and Poulsen to offer more cover to a questionable defense. Look for Giovinco and Amauri to make statements and new manager Ciro Ferrera to bring a few fringe players in from the cold.


Sevilla – Juventus (July 24)

Seongnam – Juventus (July 28)


Despite the holes, Juventus remain a formidable team and a difficult opponent to overcome. They have experience in spades, and though a dangerous and well-balanced Sevilla squad may give them problems, Juventus should outlast their Korean opponents.
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The“Peace Cup” Mission Begins. The Bianconeri Have Landed In Seville

The “Peace Cup” mission has officially begun. Juventus left in the late morning from the Torino Caselle airport and arrived in Seville, in the Andalusia region, for its first participation in the famous international tournament, a tournament which seeing the participants deserves to be entitled “the Summer Champions Legaue”.

Twelve teams, from all over the world, are participating. Ciro Ferrara’s team will be playing in Group A where it will meet home team Seville (Friday 24th July at 22:30hrs) and Korean side Seongnam (in Jerez on Tuesday 28th July at 20:30hrs). If the bianconeri make it through to the next round, they will most probably meet Real Madrid in the semi-final.

This evening, the squad will have a training session which will be followed by a fine-tuning session tomorrow morning, a few hours before the debut in the tournament.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Juventus Coach Ciro Ferrara Forgives Amauri For Outburst During Friendly

Amauri - Juventus-Vicenza - Friendly match (Grazia Neri)

In today's friendly draw between Juventus and Vicenza (1-1), striker Amauri got himself sent off after losing his temper and attacking an opposing player by hitting him on his back.

As he left the pitch, while captain Alessandro Del Piero and Fabio Cannavaro tried to calm him down, the Brazilian was still furious and showed the referee the finger.

This obviously conditioned Juve's performance, with coach Ciro Ferrara forced to shuffle his team around after they were left behind with ten men. After the match, the coach talked about this episode, warning his team against this type of indiscipline happening again when the official games start.

"Amauri immediately apologised to all of us for what he did," Ferrara said to "I'm not sure what happened, but we have to try to avoid these things, especially when we start playing official matches.

"Today we played a friendly, but remaining with ten men forced everyone to do extra work. Although I didn't get any indications on the new system, at least the lads put minutes in their legs, I care about getting to the start of the season with all the players in the same level of form."

Danilo Pochini,
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David Trezeguet's Agent Tight-Lipped On AC Milan Talk

David Trezeguet - Juventus (Grazia Neri)

David Trezeguet's future is less than clear as his agent stays quiet over the Milan rumours.

Antonio Caliendo, who deals with the Juventus striker's movements, did nothing to confirm nor deny today's reports. It is suggested that Milan are interested in the striker as their move for Luis Fabiano appears to have hit a brick wall. Marco Borriello was said to be the player Milan would offer in return for the Frenchman.

"I am staying quiet today," Caliendo told

"I have already spoken about my client in the past and so today is a day of silence from me."

Caliendo was seen wining and dinning in Milan on Tuesday night with Rossoneri vice-president Adriano Galliani. Coach Leonardo said he liked Trezeguet, but Galliani then denied reports of a move for the Frenchman.

"Marco Borriello will not be part of any David Trezeguet deal," the chief told the club's official website.

Voices regarding an exit grew louder last night when the striker refused to take the captain's armband during a heated 1-1 friendly against Vicenza.

Salvatore Landolina,
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Martin Caceres Could Be A Juventus Player In 10 Days

Jose Martin Caceres - Barcelona

It is well documented that Martin Caceres is wanted by Juventus, and the player's agent, Daniel Fonseca, has repeatedly said that a move is in the offing, and he appears confident that a deal can finally be sealed.

"Nothing has changed since we last heard, but Juventus are optimistic about the signing," Fonseca told

"I think that in 10 days time the situation will be resolved. Does it depend on Barcelona or Juventus? Neither of them - we are waiting for the player's answer, which should arrive in 4-5 days, and then we can finally move forward."

Caceres has been told by Pep Guardiola that he is free to move on, as the Barca coach cannot guarantee him regular first team football. The 22-year-old found himself behind Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique last year, and his chances are even thinner this season with the return of Henrique from his loan spell at Bayer Leverkusen and Gabriel Milito on his recovery from a serious injury.

The Blaugrana are currently in negotiations with Inter for the transfer of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and this is also holding up Caceres' potential move. Juventus are eager to take the Uruguayan on board, as he can play anywhere across the back four to provide invaluable cover for the full-backs.

Anthony Wright,
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Felipe Melo: "I Will Work Hard To Win The Championship And The Champions League"

It was a rather quick and unexpected signing and yet it seems to be , together with that of Diego, the greatest signing in the Italian transfer market. Felipe Melo has joined Juventus the team which he admired as a child, the one captained by Roberto Baggio.

The fans expect Juventus to challenge Inter seriously for the championship and Melo believes that this is possible:

"I am not scared of Inter. It is a big club but so is Juve and if we all work together I am sure we can reach great goals". He defines his move to Juventus as a leap in quality: "I think the fact that the club did a rather big financial effort to sign me, this makes me feel good. I am happy to have reached this level and now I will work hard to win the championship and the Champions League".

An ongoing debate is whether football should be spectacular or aimed at results and who better then a Brazilian can answer such a question?

"I think it is more important to win rather then to be specatacular. I played in great teams which were spectacular but did not win anything and in others were we weren’t specatcular but we won because we were united. We must be united like a family and work as a team so as to obtain our objectives".

Journalists have compared Felipe Melo to Emerson and Dunga: "I have just joined a great team and I just want to think of working hard. In two years or three years time, after having won some important titles, then perhaps I will be in a position to be compared to other greats like Emerson and Dunga but not at the moment".

"The Brazilian national team?I am now at Juventus. I will work hard for Juventus because this club must always be at the top. I will work hard and then if I do well the Brazilian national team call-up will come as it has in the past but I am a Juve player and I will work hard to be worthy".

"We must all work hard. With or without Diego or Melo, Juve are strong and so we must work hard and be united to be as strong as possible. I can’t wait to be in the dressing rooms, speak with the other players and get to know them. I once played against Sissoko in Spain and now I am really curious to speak to him and play by his side".

Told that the fact that last year he was shown quite a number of yellow and red cards, the audacious Brazilian answered:

"Last year I was shown quite a few cards. It was my first year in Italy and this could have been the reason since in 4 years in Spain I only got shown one red card. Now I know the methods of the referees here in Italy and even though as a midfielder I am bound to be shown cards I will definitely be more careful and shown less cards".

Felipe Melo is destined to become a Juve fan idol and this can easily be deduced from his conclusion to the press conference:

" I came here because Juventus is a club that can win anything. All we have to do is work hard. If we work hard and do so well the scudetto will be a bit closer".
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Secco: "The Signing Of Felipe Is An Important Signing For The Club"

Felipe Melo’s signing has been well received by the fans and highly acclaimed by the journalists and ver rightly so because the 26 year old midfielder has nothing less then 9 years of professional experience with the last season spent at Fiorentina aiding the viola to qualify for the Champions League preliminaries.

Juventus sports director, Alessio Secco, explained the strategy by which Melo was signed: "The signing of Felipe is an important signing for the club. We mate quite a financial effort but I am sure it will be worthwhile because he will give an important contribution to the team. He had a very good season and when we got to know that we could afford the expense we went straight ahead with it. In fact it was very quick".

At the end of the conference Alessio Secco took the opportunity to thank Marco Marchionni and Olof Mellberg for all they did at Juventus.
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26 Off To The Peace Cup

After the friendly on Sunday in Joeuf against Nancy, the new 2009/10 Juventus is about to breathe some international air again. The squad is ready to leave for Andalusia where it will take part in the 4th edition of the Peace Cup, to be held in Europe for the first time.

In contrast to the recent summer training camp in Trentino, Ciro Ferrara will have practically the entire squad at his disposal.

This means that for the first time those players who were not in Trentino will also form part of the group: new-signing Felipe Melo, Nicola Legrottaglie and Sebastian Giovinco.

In all the squad will be made up of 26 players including two from the Primavera: Luca Marrone and Ciro Immobile. Poulsen and Almiron will not form part of the group but will remain in Turin to train.

Not all the players present will take part in the tournament. According to regulations only 25 players may be enlisted. Paolo De Ceglie was not inserted in the list since he is still recovering from the injury to the left angle suffered a month ago during the Under 21 European Cup held in Sweden.
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A Day Of Relax Before The Next Departure

The luggage of Juventus are always ready at the start of this new season. After having returned from Trentino, where they had the first part of the summer preparation, the bianconeri are ready to leave again. As from Thursday the Spanish adventure of the Peace Cup begins.

Ciro Ferrara’s team will be playing two matches – against Seville and Seongnam – but most of all the trip will serve as a new phase of work, even though in a warmer climate when compared to the one in Pinzolo.

While awaiting the departure to Andalusia, all the bianconeri that took part in the summer camp in Val Rendena were granted a day of rest, with the exception of Paolo De Ceglie who worked in the gym in Vinovo in order to pursue his recovery following the injury to the left ankle.

The player from Valle D’Aosta, however, was not alone at the Juventus Center. Together with him were Nicola Legrottaglie and Sebastian Giovinco. The 2009/10 has just officially begun for them. After the holidays, the two bianconeri made their first steps while waiting to join the group tomorrow for the departure. Everything is fine for both, especially the young playmaker who returned to normal activities exactly 22 days after the surgical operation he underwent on the 1st of July.

The only player who is still yet to join is last signing Felipe Melo but this will soon be settled. The Brazilian will today receive his baptism in bianconero during a press conference which is to be held at the Juventus Media Center in Vinovo at 17:30hrs. The presentation will be aired live on Juventus Channel.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Felipe Melo’ s Presentation On Wednesday Afternoon

With the summer training camp having come to an end, Ciro Ferrara is about to have the complete group at his disposal. Before leaving for Andalucia to take part in the Peace Cup, even the last bianconeri will join their mates: Legrottaglie, Giovinco and Felipe Melo.

The Brazilian will be presented officially during a press conference which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd July, at the Juventus Media Center in Vinovo. The appointment is fixed for 17:30hrs and will be transmitted live on Juventus Channel.
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Marchisio: "I Am Sure That Working In This Manner We Will Have A Great Season"

It is a visibly exhausted but satisfied Marchisio who leaves his comments at the end of the match between Juventus and Vicenza.

"It was very hot. I am glad to have played. We did not do too bad when one considers the fact that there were some of us who played two day ago and had a rather long trip. We were rather tired and the heat did not help but we hope to do better during the Peace Cup in Spain".

"Juventus changed with the signing of new players who are important and who will make us make that step ahead in comparison to last year. Ferrara brought along his winning mentality which he had even as a player and I am sure that working in this manner we will have a great season".
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Ferrara: "There Is Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done"

Ciro Ferrara did not seem to be entirely pleased after the 1-1 draw against Vicenza and yet the Juventus coach knows that the team is far from complete and that the heavy workload of the two-week training camp has left its toll on the players, as did the sending-off of Amauri and the heat the match was played in.

"It was a match which was immediately difficult due to the sending off of Amauri but I must be honest and say that I think the team showed good play notwithstanding one player less. I saw some good movement and good reaction".

"We are trying out a new system which the players must still get used to and then one must consider the fact that players like Diego, Sissoko and Giovinco are still to enter and this could make a difference. We managed to create a good number of occasions and this is a positive thing but obviously there is still a lot o work to be done".

The match against Vicenza saw the fielding of the international players: "Today was important for the internationals who I think did quite well especially when one considers that the physical condition must improve. I wanted them to play to start getting back into form. Obviously they were rather tried from the training but they showed some good things".
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Draw At The Briamasco (Juventus - Vicenza 1-1)

The match against Vicenza has one important novelty: the many international players on the field after the few days spent with the rest of the team in Pinzolo.

The first few minutes are rather slow which is acceptable and expected when one considers the heavy workload undergone by the players in the last few days especially the internationals who joined less then a week ago. The match however starts to warm up with Juventus beginning to take over the field and showing good acceleration. On the 8th minute there is a fast bit of action with a Camoranesi cross too long for Trezeguet.

Del Piero seems to be in grade shape and offers a number of magical touches with Juventus gaining metres. On the 13th minute Chiellini heads high from a corner. Three minutes later Bjelanovic takes the Juve defence by surprise, goes past Buffon and passes to Misuraca who scores the opener (1-0).

On the 19th minute Amauri is sent-off for kicking the ball towards an opponent with play at a stop. The decision of the referee is rather heavy and abrupt when one considers that the match is a friendly.

Notwithstanding being one player down, Juventus react well and on the 21st minute a Camoranesi cross is deviated by a defender forcing the keeper to a great save for a corner. Six minutes later it is once again the Italo-Argentine who after some beautiful ball play is fouled from behind with the referee simply awarding a free-kick. Del Piero takes it: the ball is kicked magically but the bar denies him the goal in what was an unlucky miss.

On the 29th minute there is a good Tiago pass towards Grygera who crosses well into the area but the defence manages to clear before any bianconero can head home. Two minutes later there is another bad Vicenza foul, this time on Del Piero with the referee once again keeping the card in his pocket. The captain takes the free-kick but the defence clears.

The 36th minute sees some beautiful footwork by Del Piero with the ball finally deviated into corner. From the flag the ball reaches Cannavaro who first tries to head the ball home and then shoots with his left foot to see the ball go inches wide of the post.

Seven minutes later another hard tackle, this time on Tiago, goes once again unsanctioned by the referee. On the 45th minute the ball is handed by a Vicenza player. It is Del Piero who takes the free-kick from a long distance sending it just slightly wide.

The second half, as is typical of these friendly matches, is characterised by a number of substitutions with Manninger, Zanetti, Salihamidzic, Poulsen and Ariaudo coming on for Buffon, Camranesi, Molinaro, Grygera and Chiellini at the kick-off of the second part of the match.

On the 10th minute Cannavaro is substituted by Alcibiade and five minutes later it is Marrone who comes on for Marchisio. On the 16th minute A good Alicbiade ball reaches Del Piero in the area but the captain is denied what would have been a beautiful goal by Frison. Trezeguet sees a goal being disallowed for off-side.

On the 21st minute Immobile comes on for the captain and on the half hour mark the continuous attempts to equalize bear their fruit. Da Silva fouls Brazzo in the area and a penalty is given which is scored by Trezeguet.

The 86th minute sees a good long ball by Poulsen reaching Trezeguet but the defence clears in time/

The end result, a 1-1 draw, doe not make any of the team particularly happy but when one considers the fact that the bianconeri played with one men less for over three fourths of the game it becomes more acceptable.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Juve enjoy Ibra exit

Juventus general manager Jean-Claude Blanc believes Serie A will be “more entertaining” with Samuel Eto’o instead of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Inter and Barcelona have agreed to exchange strikers plus £40m and the loan of Aleksandr Hleb, though they must first work out personal terms.

Many say this will weaken the reigning Italian champions and give Juve a far better chance of winning the Scudetto.

“I wouldn’t say that,” warned Bianconeri chief Blanc. “If Eto’o arrived to replace the Swede, then it wouldn’t be that bad for them, would it?

“Let us just say that without Ibra the League could be more entertaining.”

Last season Juventus finished second to Inter and have reinforced significantly over the summer with Diego, Felipe Melo and Fabio Cannavaro.

As Milan have sold Kaka and Inter get set to release Ibrahimovic, does this make the Turin giants favourites?

“We are focused only on our own squad and getting the best results,” added director of sport Alessio Secco.

“Naturally, an Inter without Ibrahimovic would be a step in the right direction for us.”
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A Draw “Chez Platini” (Nancey - Juventus 1-1)

The centenary of the club of Le Roi’s birthplace saw the two former teams of the UEFA president sharing the spoils in what was a rather entertaining match featuring some good bits of action by the bianconeri notwithstanding the heavy workload of the past few days.

The first half started off with Juventus on the attack as a show of the hard athletic work undergone by the players in the past few days beginning to yield its results. On the 3rd minute an Immobile cross reaches Amauri but the shot is deviated into corner. One minute later a great personal initiative by Del Piero sees the ball going inches wide.

On the 8th minute a great cross by Immobile goes past the keeper and reaches Amauri who puts the ball into the back of the net for the opener (1-0). Nancy begin to emerge and on the 12th minute it is Manninger who performed a great save.

The 22nd minute sees a good shot from the outside the area by Tiago going wide. Ten minutes later it is once again the Austrian keeper who is once again forced to perform a good save.

On the 34th minute a beautiful exchange between Del Piero and Amauri sees a beautiful conclusion by the Brazilian go slightly wide. Three minutes later a great bit of action by Immobile sees the French keeper forced to resort to a corner.

The bianconeri seem to relax towards the end of the half and are made to pay for this as on the 45th minute Ouaddou equalizes with Manninger rather unlucky to save a first time with the ball falling beyond the goal line on the rebound.

As is typical of summer friendly matches the second half is characterised by a number of substitutions with the bianconeri coming on to the field for the start of the second half with Bamba instead of Zebina and Chimenti instead of Manninger.

On the 4th minute it is Amauri who goes close to scoring a second with the ball going high over the bar. Six minutes later Chimenti performs a great save following a dangerous Nancy attempt.

The 13th minute sees Poulsen coming off for Molinaro and three minutes later it is Marrone who comes on for Zanetti. On the 21st minute Del Piero sees a cross being deviated into a corner with the ball from the flag being cleared by the French defence.

More substitutions are made on the 23rd minute with Daud and Esposito coming on for Salihamidzic and Immobile respectively. On the 25th minute Tiago goes close to scoring but the ball hits the post after a good shot. Five minutes later Nancy go close to scoring their second but Chimenti denies them with a good low save.

The match tended to slow down a bit in the middle of the second half but this is expected considering the heavy workload the players have endured in the past few days.

On the 38th minute it is once again Amauri who after receiving from Tiago showed some splendid play with his final low cross not finding anybody to push it in. An immediate reaction by Nancy, seconds later saw the Juve defence clearing with difficulty.

The 42nd minute saw a great Del Piero attempt going slightly high over the bar. With the ball out it was Tiago (who had a good match) to make way for youngster Pirrotta.

The 43rd minute saw a good exchange between Amauri and Del Piero with the captain’s shot being saved by the French keeper, the last real bit of action before the final whistle.
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