Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Jerseys Presented!

On the eve of the team’s departure to the summer camp in Pinzolo, the new jerseys for the 2009-2010 season were launched. The event, organized at the OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni), a suggestive location in the centre of Turin, saw the participation of general manager Jean-Claude Blanc and coach Ciro Ferrara while the jerseys were worn by the protagonists: Manninger, Amauri, Diego and Sissoko.

Nike Italia was represented by general manager Andrea Rossi who illustrated the innovations especially with regards to the second or away jersey. Both jerseys refer to the histroy of the club. The first jersey, in particular, has narrower black and white stripes and brings to mind the jersey worn by the protagonists of the Quinquennio (1930-1935) when Juventus on 5 consecutive scudetti. The shorts are white with a lateral black and white stripe while the socks, white too, have a subtle black line with “Juventus” printed on the calf.

The second jersey is the true novelty for the season. Built around the famous sentence pronounced by Giovanni Agnelli before the Champions League final against Ajax in 1996 ("If they are a team of Flemish painters we will be tough Piemontese") these are the innovations: a jersey the colour of steel with a black and white line in front. The shorts are black with a lateral line of the same colour. The socks are black with Juventus written in grey on the calf.

"Today - declared Jean-Claude Blanc – we are launching the new season which we hope can be rich in emotion and great results. All the Juventus group will be tenacious in order to confirm the value that this jersey carries along with it. In these seven years of collaboration, Nike has always been capable of working in this spirit and even this time they have come up with a product that fully reflects the history and value of Juventus".

Ciro Ferrara spoke of the jerseys themselves: "The first jersey, which brings the 1930s to mind, the one that contributed to Juventus being called “The Fiancee of Italy” (Fidanzata d’Italia), will accompany us towards new and prestigious objectives. The second is totally in line with the fighting and tenacious spirit of the club, the athletes and our supporters".

Finally, Andrea Rossi explained the choices made by Nike: "The first jersey reflects the Juventus tradition finding its inspiration in the Quinquennio, while in the second we were inspired by the character and pride which has always characterized the team in international football. This is from where the idea of steel colour and the diagonal black and white stripe was born. We hope that these new jerseys can give an important contribution in facing the new season".

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Amauri: "Diego Will Give Us More Quality"

Amauri, Momo Sissoko, Alexander Manninger and new signing Diego, were models during the presentation of the jerseys for the new season. The teams were on the stage which was prepared at the Officine Grandi Riparazioni and sporting the new jerseys and the event was also the occasion for a quick exchange of remarks.

Amauri could be seen wearing the new first jersey, the black and white one, and showing off a novelty. The Brazilian this year will be changing number from 8 to 11, the number which he wore when he played for Palermo.

"It is a great honour to wear the number which belonged to Pavel Nedved", he underlined while he did not want to commit himself with regards to the number of goals he would like to score in the new season: "For superstition purposes it is better not to speak of that but I hope to score enough for the team to win something important".

A helping hand can be given to him by Diego: "I am happy about his arrival and I hope he can do even better then he did last year. Certainly, he will be adding to our quality". After the presentation of the jerseys, Amauri spoke to the journalists about the Juventus that is being born: "Cannavaro is an important signing and he will bring along experience. Felipe Melo? I’d be happy if he came here, he is another champion".

"The club is making a great effort. Inter have perhaps the most complete squad but we can still win just like we could last year. The formation? I have no problems with adapting to any solution. I think I proved to be up to Juve’s standards. The national team? In September I will have the Italian citizenship and anything will be possible".

From one Brazilian to another: Tomorrow Diego will be the protagonist of the first training camp evening in Pinzolo during his presentation to the supporters. Today’s was a tasty appetizer. The Brazilian, in fact, wore the Juventus jersey for the first time. He wore the second jersey, the silver one enriched buy the diagonal black and white stripes, also showing the number he has chosen for next season, number 28:

"Having joined Juve is perfect – he stressed – I am happy to be hear and to wear this jersey for the first time".

Even Momo Sissoko wore the second jersey. He however, did not change number and kept the number 22 as he did the strong will: "Now I am hundred per cent well and ready for the next season. I can’t wait to begin".

Finally Alexander Manninger, who referring to the goalkeepers’ green jersey commented smiling: "Let us hope the colour brings luck".
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Ferrara: "Diego Is A Great Signing"

Jersey presentation: Amauri, Diego, Sissoko and Manninger on stage – a joy for the new coach who as from tomorrow will have at his disposal most of the squad, excluding internationals, to begin preparing for the season. The squad satisfies him completely as it is full of great champions and an important signing:

"I noticed, that in Europe, with the exception of Real Madrid, there was no great movement of players or of money. Juve moved in a different manner by signing a very important player like Diego and is working towards another great objective. The club made a great effort to improve the team further and close in on the gap with Inter and the European greats".

Asked whether if with such a squad he feels a great responsibility Ferrara answered: "When you are at Juventus you always have a great responsibility and therefore it is better to work with players of a high level who have the right mentality for wearing this heavy jersey. I am proud and satisfied with the transfer operations carried out up to now and I don’t feel any particular pressure if not that felt by all".

With regards to the steel coloured jersey, Ferrara just like Blanc was asked to compare it to the team’s character: "Juventus has it in its history never to give up and this year just as per tradition Juventus will not want to lose a single game from the friendlies upwards. I remember that in the past sometimes we were not the strongest team but we won just the same thanks to the characteristics that Juventus possesses and which it shall never lose. If we then add the quality of the players we have I feel I can add that we think we shall do really well".
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Blanc: "No Proclamations. It Will Be The Field That Shall Speak"

During the presentation of the jerseys, the general manager was asked about the team’s objectives:

"We will not make any proclamations – he answered – It will be the field that shall speak. We are making a step forward on the road which we embarked on three years ago with the right programme. The important things is to continue growing, improving the team and handing it over to the coach as a more competitive team".

Jerseys of steel for a tough team: "A team – concluded Blanc – that never gives up just like the team has done in the last 36 months. Then we will see. Football is nice because it always presents a number of surprises. I am sure that it will be a very sought-after championship and we will see how it ends".

Finally a remark about the transfer marker: "If we buy a player, he will be the last".
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As From Thursday The Adventure In Pinzolo Begins

The countdown is nearly over. On Thursday 9th July the 4th summer training camp in Pinzolo for Juventus will kick-off. The team (without the internationals) will leave Turin in the early afternoon for Val Rendena.

At 18:00hrs, the team will be on the field for the first training session on the field of the Stadio Pineta, which just like every year will be the headquarters of the team during its stay in Trentino.

In the first phase of the camp the squad will be missing the international players (Buffon, Camoranesi, Cannavaro, Chiellini and Iaquinta) who will join on the 16th of July, whilst on the 18th it will be the turn of Marchisio and De Ceglie. The group will be completed on the 22nd of July with the arrival in Turin of Giovinco and Legrottaglie. Almiron is still in Argentina, down with flue, and will join the team as soon as possible.

Here is the list of players who will be in Pinzolo at the start of the training camp: Amauri, Lorenzo Ariaudo, Raffaele Bianco, Antonio Chimenti, Diego, Alessandro Del Piero, Zdenek Grygera, Mario Kirev, Alexander Manninger, Cristian Molinaro, Christian Poulsen, Hasan Salihamidzic, Sissoko, Tiago, Trezeguet, Zanetti, Zebina.

These Primavera players will be joining the first team: Raffaele Alcibiade, Abdoulaye Bamba, Ayub Daud, Andrea De Paola, Simone Esposito, Yago, Ciro Immobile, Luca Marrone, Federico Mirarchi, Carlo Pinsoglio, Domenico Pirrotta.
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