Saturday, July 11, 2009

Diego, First Goal In Black And White

The second day of Juventus in Pinzolo was a very intense one, which started early in the morning with the first of the two training sessions. The bianconeri were already on the field of the Centro Sportivo Pineta at 09:30hrs.

After a warm-up and stretching, Ferrara divided the group into two: the defenders worked under his and Maddaloni’s direction working on one-on-one defensive movements. Dodo Sormani took charge of the midfielders and the attackers . Hasan Salihamidzic joined the defence. The same was repeated in the afternoon session.

The bianconeri returned on the field at 17:30hrs and after a warm-up under the eyes of Massimo Neri, the attackers were busy with triangulisations and shots on goal, whereas the defenders took care of the movements and the cross. After the work in groups, the team played the first mini-match of the season on a partially reduced field to the joy of over 2,000 spectators.

The two teams were fielded in two different formations: on one side a 4-4-2 formation made up of Chimenti in goal, Bamba, Grygera, Ariaudo and Salihamidzic as defence, Esposito, Sissoko, Poulsen and Daud as midfielders and Del Piero and Amauri as forwards.

Wearing blue bibs was the other team in a 4-3-1-2 formation with Manninger defending the goal, Zebina, Alcibiade, Marrone and Serini as defence, Bianco, Zanetti and Tiago as midfielders, Diego as playmaker and Trezeguet and Immobile as strikers.

The “family” match ended in a 2-1 score for captain Del Piero’s team, with the captain immediately in great shape. Alex illuminated the game play and set-up the second goal of the “whites” scored by Daus, while the first goal was scored by Amauri. The cherry on the cake came in the dying minutes: the first goal of Diego Ribas da Cunha who won himself a penalty scoring it with a great right shot.

The training sessions were not the only big event of the day in Pinzolo: after the morning session the journalists following the team were welcomed by Trentino, the director general of the Atp of Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Val Rendena, Delio Picciani, after which they followed the press conference given by Jonathan Zebina.

At the end of the afternoon session the stage of the Summer Village hosted Amauri and Daud who inaugurated the series of encounters between the Juve champions and the supporters.
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Amauri And Daud Protagonists At The Summer Village

Amauri and Daud were the first protagonists of “Filo Diretto” with the supporters in Pinzolo, the event which allows the public to be in close contact with the Juventus champions. On the stage of the Summer Village, with dj NanĂ  and Valeria Ciardiello as presenters, the two players were welcomed with cheering by the hundreds of spectators. The enthusiasm was strong amongst the supporters just like it is amongst the players:

"There was enthusiasm even last year – explained Amauri – but now we are all very motivated. This group is made up of great champions and youngsters who are doing really well, just like Daud, who has the talent to become a great player".

The young attacker, after having received the compliments answered: "I am happy Amauri appreciates my talent. I can’t do more then hope to become a champion like him".

Amauri is charged-up and when he is asked if he aspired to the title of top-scorer he does not hesitate: "Why not? One must be ambitious in life. Last year I did well but it isn’t over yet and then after all there are many champions here and I am if I won’t be playing there will be another great attacker for the good of Juventus".

It is Daud’s turn to conclude who told a sweet anecdote about the Primavera dressing rooms. "Before the final in Viareggio, the coach was very tense and was walking nervously while we were warming-up playing basket ball. So Maddaloni said: “It is not the right attitude”. I answered him: “Calm down mister, after all we’re going to win and take the cup home”. He calmed down for a few minutes but we won the cup and really took it home".
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Zebina: "We Can Compete With Everybody"

It is a Juve willing to do well and fight hard against all the teams in Italy and Europe. If there is a bianconero who more then others wants to incarnate this mentality it is surely Jonathan Zebina. The Frenchman is launching himself as reinforcement for Ciro Ferrara’s team.

After having finally forgotten the physical problems following the operation to his tendons, the defender wants to put the past behind and start a fresh greatly just like he did five years ago when he was transferred from Roma and immediately began to dominate the right flank.

"I can say I am finally healed – confessed Jonathan while inaugurating the press conferences in Pinzolo – and for this reason I must thank professor Cerulli and Stefano Fiorini. Now my tendons are back to normal and I don’t have any more excuses and therefore I must do well. Besides Massimo Neri, the trainer I had for six years is back. Ciro Ferrara as a coach immediately showed faith in me. I want to show everybody I deserve this jersey and this is the reason I am very motivated".

Zebina therefore, once again finds as coach a “youngster” who was his team mate during the 2004/2005 and who has now given him the right motivation:

"Last year my relationship with Ranieri did not help. We tried, I was available and he tried to involve me in his tactical plans but most of all the reason was the physical problems which had 70% of the fault. I am a physical player and if I am not well physically I render less then I can. After the operation I got rid of a burden which I had for months and which was understood by everybody, so much so I was very often considered to be a player who did not want to play. Now I am well and ready for a great season, just like in the last two matches of last season".

The will of Zebina can become a secret weapon at the disposal of Ciro Ferrara and of all Juventus to aim for great achievements. This will could be witnessed on the field in these first few days but even in a proclamation which cannot but please the Juventus supporters:

"In these years we never felt inferior to anybody not even when we were in Serie B. Moreover when it came to mentality we were the best and that is why we won even when we did not seem to be the strongest. Now we are finding this mentality once again with Ferrara. This transfer market made us stronger and we count on having drawn closer to Inter. I am sure we can compete against anyone. We have champions too. We must be aware of our strength with the right dose of humility".
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Two Hours Of Work This Morning

The second day of Juventus in Pinzolo started off rather early. The bianconeri were already on the field of the Centro Sportivo Pineta at 09:30hrs. After a warm-up and stretching, Ferrara divided the group into two: the defenders worked under his and Maddaloni’s direction working on one-on-one defensive movements.

Dodo Sormani took charge of the midfielders and the attackers who were kept busy with rapid exchanges of the ball and finalizations with small posts. After the work with the ball, the bianconeri took part in athletic exercises consisting of much running and stretching in conclusion.

They were followed by Massimo Neri and his staff made up of Andrea Scanavino and Claudio Gaudino who joined the group today. The two hours of work will be repeated in the afternoon:

"We started gradually – explained trainer Massimo Neri on Juventus Channel – Gradually we will increase the work load. Gym? I have always also worked on strength and therefore we will surely make use of it".
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