Saturday, July 18, 2009

Del Piero: "Happy And Proud"

It is a day of celebrations for th Juventus supporters present at the summer camp in Pinzolo and for those who heard the new on the media. Alessandro Del Piero extended his contract with the club up to 2011. The contract was due to expire in 2010. The negotiations were very short and the signature came during the camp in Pinzolo which saw the arrival of John Elkann and Jean-Claude Blanc in the morning to join Alessio Secco who is following the team closely.

"The negotiations were fast even due to the fact that we all had the same intention. I thank the club for the faith shown in me and John Elkann who I thanked this winter for having given me a historical ball as a sign of esteem and who today I thank again for his presence here".

It was a Del Piero sporting a black-eye (suffered during training) but happy: "I am proud to have been at Juventus for all these years and I still want to write important pages in the history of the bianconeri. As I said two years ago, there exist all the possibilities to play for another two seasons at top level. Until when will I go on playing? Until I can guarantee the qualities which made me who I am in all aspects".

Present in the first row were all his staff, captained by his brother Stefano, as well as many local authorities and the president of Trentino S.p.A and Sport and Agriculture councillor Tiziano Mellarini. It is really a great day. Del Piero celebrated speaking of the new Juventus taking shape and of a group which is living these days with great enthusiasm:

"The enthusiasm captured all. I was told that there has never been such a great attendance by the supporters to watch the team training. When we are enthusiastic and happy: two important ingredients to prepare the foundations for that which can become our home. We are highly motivated and will seek to achieve all our objectives".

Del Piero has no doubts with regards to Juventus’ potential: "Even last year we showed that in a single match we can beat anyone meaning that we have a group of great quality. The next step is winning not only in a single match but also in a competition: championship, Champions League and Coppa Italia".

Juventus mad important investments, strengthening an already competitive team. "I am happy about this because the financial effort by the club, who was on this transfer market only second to Real Madrid (that is beyond the market!), means that all have the same will of the team which is built on a lot of enthusiasm and the will to win".

Now all must get to work "and find the mechanisms with the great players that have been signed". Amongst these is Fabio Cannavaro. "It is up to him to win back the faith of the fans – declared Del Piero – but I don’t think he will have any problems because he is a great champion and because he has all our support".

To conclude a thought dedicated to the national team: "The World Cup is one of my objectives. It would be great to take part as it would also mean that I had a great season".
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Blanc: "Alex’s Contract Extension Is Another Great Signing"

"We are all very satisfied because we decided to extend a long marriage. It was right to do so now while preparing for the next season so as to allow Alessandro to work with his mind at rest and give a clear sign to all Juventus fans".

This is the way by which Jean-Claude Blanc commented Alessandro Del Piero’s signing of a new contract up to 2011 on Juventus Channel. A new transfer market signing for Juventus:

"Yes, we can define it as such. The media are always speaking of new players but it is as important to be able to count on champions of the calibre of Del Piero and Buffon. We are happy to have made this signing in Trentino where even in the past many positive signs were given".

Juventus’ presence in Trentino is leading to enthusiasm of such proportions that was never witnessed in the past:

"Three years ago we were welcomed but now we are all proud of being Juventus supporters, of this team and of the work done in these last 36 months. Now we hope to see the results while maintaining our feet on the ground and judging after the end of the three competitions".
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John Elkann: "Juventus Believes In The Future"

It was a Friday the 17th with John Elkann as potagonsit in Pinzolo. The Fiat vice-president wanted to personally say hello to Ciro Ferrara and the team and be present at an important moment in the career of Alessandro Del Piero who extended his contract until 2011.

The day in Trentino began very early. Having departed from Turin aboard a helicopter together with Jean-Claude Blanc, the Engineer visited the team’s hotel and later the Centro Sportivo Pineta to watch the morning training session.

After lunch, he joined all the Juventus contingent at the fire fighters barracks to be present in the first row during the Del Piero press conference. Before leaving Trentino and returning to Turin, John Elkann spoke to the journalists.

"Del Piero’s renewal is of great importance because it is another step in the construction of the future. Juventus believes firmly in the future and this is shown in the signing of a young coach like Ciro Ferrara".

The new Juventus for 2009/10 is making its first steps and the engineer could witness this for the first time with a complete squad (or nearly) after the arrival of the internationals. They were two hours of intense work which helped him understand if things in Val Rendena were being taken seriously:

"It was a positive day. I noticed a great atmosphere and serious work with hard and demanding training. I am happy to have seen so many Primavera players included. Ferrara and his staff are making progress in order to be ready for the season. My expectations? A team that entertains. Whether the equilibrium with regards to the other teams has changed will be decided on the field".

Surely one can say that the club owners continue to believe in the Juve project. This is shown in the signings of Diego and Felipe Melo but also in the support with regards to the new stadium project which are all important and well studied investments.

"We believe Platini is right. In football investments must be sustainable and we did all we could. We must seek to use the same criteria to guarantee a certain consistency for the club and the supporters. With regards to the stadium, we worked to be able to give something special to the players and the fans".
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