Thursday, May 21, 2009

Intense Training In Vinovo

Juve have turned over a new leaf: the command has passed into the hands of Ciro Ferrara, four years after retiring from the field in another role and with other responsibilities.

On his first day as coach, Ciro Ferrara first spoke to the team in a meeting which lasted 20 minutes in the dressing rooms. Then from words things shifted to action with a particularly intense training session under the keen eyes of Alessio Secco and Jean Claude Blanc.

The hot temperature made the players’ work even harder however they all showed their intention to answer to the new method of work: much running and work with the ball divided by athletic exercises with the use of equipment.

To unwind the team then was granted some time of rest and stretching before a mini-match which did not see the participation of Marchisio, Salihamidzic, Ariaudo, Ekdal and Sissoko. Knezevic had a separate training session while De Ceglie worked in the gym to overcome a blow to the left ankle suffered during the match against Atalanta. On Wednesday the team will have its first of four morning training sessions scheduled for this week.
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No Suspended Players Against Siena, Chiellini Is Back

For his first match as Juventus coach, Ciro Ferrara will have no suspended players. There are in fact no bianconeri in the list compiled by the sport authorities, a logical consequence to the match on Sunday against Atalanta which did not see any yellow cards being shown. In compensation, Giorgio Chiellini will be available for the match against Siena after having paid the one day suspension against the bergamaschi.

There are no suspended players amongst the toscani either
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First Day Of Work With Ferrara

After the words come the facts. The day after the announcement and the official presentation of Ciro Ferrara came the time to begin work on the field.

The adventure has begun, for him as coach but also for all the members of his technical staff. At the start of the afternoon session all the team got to know those collaborating with him. The faces are known to all since they are those of professionals coming directly from the youth sector.

The deputy-coach is Massimiliano Maddaloni. Michelangelo Rampulla will get back to coaching the goalkeepers while Dodo Sormani is the new technical assistant. Only Andrea Scanavino has been confirmed as trainer and is a sign of continuity from the Ranieri period.

Here are the presentation details of the four collaborators of Ciro Ferrara:

Ciro Ferrara

First of all a first class player who was capable of winning 6 scudetti on the field. He is also a valid manager capable of leading the youth sector in one of the most important times in its history. He is now also the coach of the first team. Since 1994, when he joined Juventus, Ciro Ferrara has made of the relationship a stronger one each day.

Born in Naples on the 11th of February 1967, as a player he played 500 matches in the Serie A, 247 of which with the Napoli jersey and 253 for Juventus, the team which he played for between 1994 and 2005. Besides 8 scudetti (one of which was revoked), he won 2 Coppa Italia, 5 Italian Supercups, a UEFA Cup, a Champions League and an Intercontinental Cup.

He formed part of the technical staff of the Italian national team who went on to win the 2006 World Championships as an assistant to Marcello Lippi. Since 2006 he is the personal responsible of the Juventus youth sector. In 2008, with the return of Lippi as Italian national coach he was once again appointed as assistant to the national coach.

On the 18th of May he replaced Claudio Ranieri as coach of the first team.

Michelangelo Rampulla

Two years later, Michelangelo Rampulla returns to coaching the goalkeepers of the first team after having been part of Didier Deschamps’ technical staff.

This is another experience for one of the most loved persons by the Juventus supporters. Born in Patti (Messina) on the 10th of August in 1962, his name is linked to Juventus since 1992. For 10 years, as a goalkeeper, he was part of one of the most successful periods in the history of the club.

After having shelved his gloves, he remained with Juventus undertaking various roles within the youth sector (Primavera goalkeepers’ coach, goalkeeper coaches’ coordinator and coaches’ organization coordinator) but also as the person responsible of the Juventus Club Doc Coordination Centre. This, apart from that of goalkeepers’ coach during the Deschamps period in the 2006/07 season.

Massimiliano Maddaloni

As deputy-coach, Ferrara re-embraces an old companion who formed part of his adventure since the times of the Napoli youth sector. Massimiliano Maddaloni will be undertaking the role simultaneously with that of Primavera coach.

Having joined Juventus at the beginning of the 2007/08 season as coach of the Allievi Nazionali, he has been successful since the beginning of the season as Primavera coach. Having won the Viareggio Cup in February and gone close to triumph in the Coppa Italia, the bianconeri under his direction are currently busy with the final phase of the championship after having dominated the elimination phase.

Born in Napoli on the 22nd of June 1966, his sports curriculum includes a long parentesis as professional footballer in Serie C and D between 1985 and 2000. As coach, before his arrival in Turin, he coached Tuscan teams (Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Versilia and Cecina) in Eccellenza category, Serie D and Serie C.

Adolfo Sormani

A historical name for Italian football is now part of the staff. Son of Angelo Benedicto, Adolfo “Dodo” Sormani, is the new technical assistant to Ciro Ferrara, with whom he has already been collaborating for two years within the youth sector.

Born in Genova on the 11th of August 1965, he is close to the end of his second season with Juventus as technical instructor within the youth sector. This is the latest stage in a career which saw him first as a player (for a number of important team such as Parma, Napoli, Avellino and Sambenedettese) and then as coach of Serie D teams like Portosummaga, Conegliano, Chioggia and Cattolica.

Andrea Scanavino

Andrea Scanavino represents continuity in the technical staff. He will keep the role of athletic coach. His collaboration with Juventus will continue after he joined in 1999, the year in which he was enrolled as the person responsible for the recovery of injured players.

In these years he collaborated actively with all the professionals who came along: from Giampiero Ventrone (during the two periods of Marcello Lippi and with Carlo Ancelotti) up to Riccardo Capanna, and through the times with Massimo Neri during the Fabio Capello era and Antonio Pintus during the time of Didier Deschamps.
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Cannavaro Back With Juventus

Fabio Cannavaro returned to Juventus. At the end of the current season with real Madrid, with whom his contract expires on the 30th of June 2009, the captain of the Italian national team will return to being a Juventus player.

After three years with real Madrid, during which he won the Liga twice, the defender from Naples and golden ball winner in 2006, will return to the team with which he won 2 scudetti (2004/05 and 2005/06). His contract will come into force as from the 1st of July 2009 and expires on the 30th of June 2010.

Fabio Cannavaro, who was in Turin yesterday to take part in the Partita del Cuore, expressed his satisfaction with regards to the agreement reached:

"I am happy to have returned to Turin and to have the opportunity to wear the black and white jersey again. I am sorry that for a section of the fans the anger for having been transferred is greater then the appreciation for the glorious seasons which we lived together. I am sure that I can convince the most sceptical through my work, professionalism and the passion with which I will face this new adventure".

The club also expressed its satisfaction through Alessio Secco who felt he should explain the reasons while the player left Juventus in 2006:

"Fabio is a world champion, a golden ball winner and a great team-spirit builder. During the Summer of 2006 the club was forced to sell him due to great economic necessities. This year we took advantage of the natural expiration of Cannavaro’s contract to bring him back to Turin and we are sure that his technical abilities will help Juventus become more competitive".
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Ferrara: A Champion Of The Past At The Helm Of Juventus

The name Ciro Ferrara up to yesterday was associated with a great career as a defender and more recently as the director of the Juventus youth sector. As from today however, Ciro, will see himself in the shoes of the coach of the team he loves so much.

Ferrara’s career seems to have Juventus as part of his destiny. In fact playing for Napoli (the only other jersey worn by the defender) he made his debut in the Serie A on the 5th of May 1985 during a match against no less then the bianconeri. As from that day he never looked back and after being part of the triumphant times of Maradona’s Napoli he was transferred to Juventus in 1994 when he was to leave a great mark and win himself many satisfactions.

In fact as a Juventus player “Ciro d’Italia” won 5 Italian Championships (in addition to the two won with Napoli), a Champions League, an Intercontinetal Cup, A European Supercup, a Coppa Italia, 4 Italian Super Cups (in addition to the one won with Napoli) and an Intertoto Cup. He also won a UEFA Cup with Napoli. Ciro Ferrara was also for many years an automatic choice for the Italian national team.

After retiring in 2005 he took on a managerial role at Juventus and is currently the director of the Juventus youth nursery with the most recent of successes being the Primavera’s triumph in the Viareggio Cup. He is also the deputy-coach of the Italian national team.

To summarize, Ciro Ferrara has been successful for many years, first as player and then as director and now he is called to straighten things out in this difficult moment as the new Juventus coach.
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Ferrara Already Focusing On Siena

This morning saw the second training session under Ciro Ferrara’s command, the first of four morning sessions which will complete the week of preparation for the match against Siena.

Separate scheme of work for De Ceglie and Knezevic who worked separately under coach Scanavino. Ekdal and Sissoko who yesterday trained with the other members of the squad, today trained separately as per schedule.

Session dedicated primarily to technique under the close observation from the side lines of Alessio Secco and Renzo Castagnini together with Gianluca Pessotto. The team was divided into two groups: the defenders with Ferrara and Maddaloni and the attackers with Sormani. The session consisted of possession and manoeuvre exercises with speed as the main factor.

The session ended with a mini-match during the last instant of which Grygera complained of a muscle pain in the back region of the left thigh. The Czech returned to the dressing rooms aboard the mechanical buggy and his conditions will be evaluated in the next few days.
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Ciro Ferrara Is The New Juventus Coach

In a press release issued on Monday 18th May, 2009, Juventus announced having sacked coach Claudio Ranieri. As from today the first team will be in the hands of Ciro Ferrara. Juventus thanked Claudio Ranieri for the work done in the last two years and augured immediate success to new coach Ciro Ferrara.
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Ferrara: "My Intention Is To See A Different Juve"

Ciro Ferrara: a defence stalwart of the Juventus which saw so many successes, the director of the youth sector who has achieved great satisfactions since his appointment and now the new Juve coach called to a difficult mission: that of gaining direct access to the next Champions League in the remaining two matches against Siena and Lazio.

Mr. Ferrara had little time to think about his decision and yet he accepted the challenge without blinking an eyelid: "I was very direct with Jean-Claude Blanc. I would like to thank all those who believed that I could be useful at this moment. Perhaps it is partially due to my recent past with this jersey. I did not ask questions or make any requests but I made myself available for the club. I have been part of this club since 1994 and after retiring in 2005 I was given a managerial role and therefore I feel I should make myself available".

"For me it is a great honour. I told Blanc and Secco to feel completely free with regards to the next coach were it to be me or somebody else. If I am not the coach next season I will return to my post as director of the youth sector without any problems. The club should not feel obliged to confirm me for next year. I am proud to have been chosen for these two day at least. When it comes to the future we’ll see but the club should do what it thinks is best".

The team’s performances have been rather bleak recently, to say the least, with no victories in the last 2 months and therefore a drastic change is necessary: "My intention is to see a different Juve. I know I have little time and that I must intervene but i can’t change a team completely in these two weeks. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be more precise with regards to details".

"Apart from the technical, tactical and physical aspect of the role i think I will have to work on other things. I think I will have to show the players the difficult time the club is going through. Sometimes little details are necessary to make big changes. I think the problem is not the scarce physical condition but that the players must find the right motivation for these two matches".

Ciro, as he is amicably known, may boast of a great past as a player and a great present as the director of the youth sector and now as from tomorrow his future is that of Juventus coach: "It is clear that it is difficult to judge me technically since I have two weeks to work. I will try to work well and try to bring out the players’ capabilities even because I know them. Since I took on the managerial post I have put my footballer days behind me. I want to be judged on the work that I will do as coach from now on. I felt obliged to give my contribution and do not fear risking in this strange moment".

The new Juventus coach played with a few of the current members of the squad and now finds himself as their boss: "I don’t think I will need to spend much time speaking to the boys. I will use the right words but most of all get on the field and work intensely. We have 10 training sessions left in these two weeks and these 10 sessions must be intense so as to achieve the right results. I am sure to find players who are intelligent and who understand my position and the final objective".

"They are all fundamental to me. At this point I am the coach and even though I am friends with some of the players we must be able to distinguish a friendly relationship and a work relationship. When Ancelotti was our coach even though I knew him well from the national side I always tried to understand his choices. I don’t care if they call me Mister or simply Ciro, what interests me is working well".

Finally a word about the supporters: "At this moment we really need the supporters to reach a difficult objective that is the direct qualification to the Champions League and therefore we have to work together".
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Blanc: "We Wanted To Give The Players The Right Charge"

It is not customary for Juventus to dismiss a coach before the end of the season, however the situation and the victory drought of the last two months forced the club to take a drastic decision in order to try and move the team in the last two and most important matches.

This is the gist of the press conference held on Monday evening at the Juventus Media Center in Vinovo which saw the participation of Juventus general manager Jean-Claude Blanc and the new coach Ciro Ferrara.

Putting the past behind and on with the next:

Mr. Blanc began by thanking Claudio Ranieri: "I would like to thank Mr. Ranieri and his staff for what they did in these two years. However, seeing the results lately especially the one achieved yesterday when we had the possibility of drawing close to Milan and now find ourselves just one point ahead of Fiorentina we were forced to take decision".

"We now hope to finish the season at least in third place and therefore decided to entrust this mission to Ciro Ferrara. We know it will not be an easy task. Ciro accepted immediately when we called him last night and I thank him for his disposition".

Ferrara and the future:

Asked whether Ciro Ferrara will be the coach even during the next season Mr. Blanc answered: "Most of all Ferrara will be coach for these two days which leave a heavy mark on next season. Direct qualification to the Champions League would leave us with more time to prepare for next season and therefore to prepare better".

"Ciro’s mission is at least for these two matches. Then we will see and evaluate all that happened this season as we do each year and take the decision. We chose to entrust the role to a Juventus supporter, who has Juve in his blood and who has a successful past with the club. At the end of the day its the players who go down on the field but we had to take a decision and we are sure that this decision will drive the message home to the players that the next two matches are very important and the two matches must be played with the maximum effort".

"As from tomorrow Ferrara and his staff will be leading the team. The fact that to us the future are these two upcoming matches does not mean that we do not look ahead but that we want to concentrate totally on these two matches. We obviously are looking ahead but at the moment we are concentrating so as to give Ciro and his staff the best conditions to work in so as to overcome this difficult mission".

"Obviously we will not judge Ciro’s qualities on these two matches. We know his worth and his past and he will not be risking his future in these two matches. A person who has the moral strength to accept such a difficult mission immediately has the right personality to be considered even in the future. Ciro Ferrara will definitely be considered for next year at the end of the season but we must consider everything and see what our technical expectations are".

An uncustomary decision:

Juventus are not known to dismiss a coach before the end of the season and the decision even though in the air recently came with somewhat of a surprise: "We take decisions after considering the facts and we came to this decision after discussing things. By appointing Ciro Ferrra we wanted to give the players the right charge. Now the rest is up to them to start afresh with Ferrara and his staff. He is the right man at the right moment".

"It is true that in the last 3 years Juventus have been in a different situation from that in the past and therefore things have to be considered in that perspective. I know it is not in Juve’s style to sack a coach before the end of the season but I also know that Juve’s style is to end each season well and play in the Champions League without preliminaries and therefore we took this decision which does not fit exactly in the style of Juventus because we want to end the season well".

"Qualification to the Champions League without preliminaries allows the team to prepare better for the next season and therefore we had to be efficient and concrete. We had to try and change the situation which saw us not winning a single match in the last two months and therefore 55 days later we had to take this decision. The table changed things. It is clear that we must do different things then what we saw yesterday including on the field and this must come from the coach who as from today is Ciro Ferrara".

The transfer market:

Asked how this decision will effect the transfer market, Mr. Blanc answered: "The Juventus transfer marker will see the closure of the negotiations we were making with Ranieri as coach. Alessio Secco worked hard on these and we will see that they are concluded. The first is Diego who we hope to sign in the next few days".

"Then there is Cannavaro who I know certain supporters do not want back but when we consider all the pluses and minuses of the player we see many more pluses and we hope the signature will come very soon. Apart from these two operations we will have to study the technical situation and discuss with the coach for next season well before beginning or going on with other deals even though we have our ideas already".
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