Thursday, July 30, 2009

Felipe Melo: "I Am Happy With My Debut And The Welcome By My Mates"

In the first episode of the Brazilian festival, in which Diego was the absolute protagonist, even Felipe Melo managed to play a role. 45 minutes on the field less in then a week since his signing for Juventus is definitely not bad at all especially seeing the result.

The midfielder can feel satisfied with his landing on planet Juve: "We managed to win against a difficult team which only two days ago drew against Seville. Since I joined my mates I’ve worked a lot. I am happy with the welcome I received and my adaptation is moving faster then I thought".

"I immediately understood I joined a great family and this is important. A long season awaits us an, even thanks to Diego, we can reach high goals. The scudetto is a dream but that is what we are working for".
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Legrottaglie: "There Couldn’t Have Been A Better Start"

Together with Sebastian Giovinco, he was the last to return from his holidays, but at the end of the day Nicola Legrottaglie excused himself for…the delay. On his seasonal debut he immediately had a positive performance (which coincided with the first clean sheet) and a goal typical of a striker, scored in collaboration with Giovinco.

At the end of the match, Nicola expressed all his satisfaction: "A debut with a goal. It certainly couldn’t have been a better start to the season. I am happy. It was the prize for the hard work I am doing at the moment, since I joined my mates. A player with my build always finds it harder to find his form. Diego? He is exceptional. We all know his qualities and we know he can do really well with us".
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Ferrara: "I Am Happy But We Can Improve Further"

If anybody still had any doubt about the kind of coach Ciro Ferrara is he would have had a clear sign at the end of the match in Jerez. Just like so many illustrious predecessors, even the new Juventus coach is one that is never pleased enough.

Even after the 3-0 victory against Seongnam that saw the bianconeri through to the semi-final of the Peace Cup, Ferrara is still seeking to improve his team.

"I am happy with the result but there is still room for improvement. At the end of the first half I was not happy and I even told the boys. In the second half, on the other hand, there was a good performance".

"Diego’s debut? I hoped it would be like this. His talents are known by all but even he has to improve further. He can give so much to this team. Now we’re through to the semi-final. Our objective is to win the Peace Cup even if we have to play against Real in the sem-final".
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Real Make It Through To The Semi-Final Against Juventus

Real Madrid made it through. After having unexpectedly drawn in the first match against Al-Hittihad, the Galacticos managed to beat Ecuadorian side Lega de Quito 4-2 after a tough match and a0-0 draw up to the end of the first half.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the dead-lock after a few minutes from the start of the second half from the penalty spot. Granero made it 2-0. After the temporary 2-1 scored by the South Americans Metzelder made it 3-1. In the dying minutes of the match, the teams scored a goal each (Negredo for Real Madrid) fixing the final result on 4-2.

The Peace Cup will therefore have the most awaited of semi-finals: Real Madrid and Juventus will be meeting a few months after the double victory by the bianconeri in the last edition of the Champions League. This time the match will not be played at the Turin Olimpico or the Bernabeu in Madrid but it will be a great match anyway. The appointment is for Friday 31st July at 20:30 in Seville.
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What A Debut For Diego! Juve Books Real

At the end of the day, the qualification to the Peace Cup semi-final was a smooth one. In Jerez, Juventus had their best match of this new season and tonight Ciro Ferrara can’t help but be satisfied in all aspects.

The final 3-0 score against Korean side Seongnam is the result of the great authority shown by the bianconeri who did not miss a single step. A match to enjoy, especially for the subscribers of Juventus Channel who can watch the game as from 23:30hrs, a match which should not be missed.

It was supposed to be Diego’s night and it was. The Brazilian left an impressive mark on his first match: great passes, a share in the first goal scored by Iaquinta (following a first-timer cross by Camoranesi) and the beautiful second goal. All of this in 60 minutes which were enough for the first match. Diego’s was not the only debut. The first 45 minutes of Felipe Melo were also good. The midfielder came on for Zanetti.

Great match by Legrottaglie and Giovinco who excused themselves for the delay in joining the team by creating the 3-0: cross by the Atomic Ant and goal by Nicola. One last remark? For the first time since the start of the season, Juventus achieved a clean sheet and even this is a sign of great steps ahead made by the squad.

What about the Peace Cup? Mission accomplished and semi-final reached. Now the team must wait for a couple of hors to know the name of their opponent against whom they will play on Friday. The name of the team will be known at the end of the match between Real Madrid and the Colombian side of Lega de Quito.

It is useless to say that everybody expects the Galacticos for a first tasty appetizer of the season. To meet Cristiano Ronaldo, Kakà and friends immediately, even though at the end of July, would be a nice way to test the qualities of the bianconeri.

In Jerez, Ferrara fielded a defence made up of Zebina, Legrottaglie, Chiellini and Salihamidzic with Buffon back in goal. The midfield was made up of Camoranesi, Zanetti and Tiago. The Brazilian played behind Iaquinta and Trezeguet.

The expectations are immediately satisfied. Diego has a will to perform and the rather careless way of playing of Seongnam suited him perfectly. There are immediately great spaces and the great touches of the playmaker are pure honey for his mates, especially for Iaquinta who is launched twice.

On the first occasion there is a dubious offside flag waved while on the second a precise save by the Asian keeper. The Brazilian also tried from a free-kick, one of his specialities, but the wall’s deviation made a well-calibrated shot look less dangerous. Seongnam tried to react and just before the 30th minute Dong Won put the ball slightly wide from an inviting position.

The dead-lock was broken on the 40th minute. A great one-touch bit of football by the magical bianconeri: Diego for Camoranesi who crossed to the middle with the keeper in a faulty exit and Iaquinta depositing at the back of the net. The striker from Calabria has had a great seasonal start after the mark left against Seville.

The goal saw the teams end the first half on 1-0 and the bianconeri draw closer to the semi-final. The second half began with the public who had their eyes all on Diego in the first half having to share their gazes with Felipe Melo who came on for Zanetti.

Once again the match starts off with the duo Diego-Iaquinta. The Brazilian passed to the striker who moved past an opponent and passed to Trezeguet who missed from just under the goal. The goal is however scored by Diego and it is a real pearl. Two touches with the soles of his shoes to get rid of a rival player and a beautiful left-footed shot to the corner of the net with no chance for the Korean goalkeeper: 2-0 and result assured.

The Brazilian’s match came to an end after an hour. He left the field for Giovinco (also on his seasonal debut) amidst the applause of the public. Molinaro replaced Zebina. Buffon cannot just be a spectator and saved following an incursion by Radonzic. Ferrara’s team immediately won back control of the match and Trezeguet went close to the third goal heading after a perfect cross by Camoranesi: well done to the Korean keeper.

There is however, just a short while to wait before the third goal and it is created by the last two players to join the squad. On the 26th minute Giovinco runs on the flank and crosses to Legrottaglie who headed the ball hammering it into the back of the net.

Marrone also came onto the field, as a replacement for Tiago, Ariaudo on for Legrottaglie and Chimenti on for Buffon but the match has nothing left to say. Seongnam seeks a bit satisfaction but this denied them by Chimenti, Juventus try to pass the time and begin to think of Friday’s semi-final, without yet knowing the name of their opponent for which they still have to wait for a few more minutes.


Juventus (4-3-1-2): Buffon (Chimenti); Zebina, Legrottaglie, Chiellini, Salihamidzic; Camoranesi, Zanetti (Melo), Tiago; Diego (Giovino); Trezeguet, Iaquinta.

Seongnam (4-4-2): Sung Ryong Jung; Sung Hwan Kim, Ognenovski Byung Kuk Cho, Hack Yong Jang; Dong Won, Han, Ho Lee, Jung, Woo Kim, Ban; Dong Geong, Cho, Radonzic.

Goals: Iaquinta (J), Diego (J), Legrottaglie (J).
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