Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aerobic Strengthening And Tactics In Pinzolo This Morning

Third day of repeats for Juventus: this morning the bianconeri underwent six repeats, always on a distance of 1,200 metres. The aerobic strengthening work is important to fill the tanks with petrol in view of a long and busy season.

Before the athletic part, the bianconeri worked on technical and tactical aspects with the midfielders working with Sormani on ball possession and circulation while the attackers and the defenders worked with Ferrara and Maddaloni on movement during non-possession and re-starting.

Momo Sissoko worked in the gym as scheduled and was later joined by Alessandro Del Piero who did not take part in the repeats but underwent a personalized training program.

In the afternoon the team will be back on the field for the second session, the last before the test against Cisco Roma on Wednesday at 17:30hrs (live on Juventus Channel).

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Juventus-Cisco Roma On Juventus Channel

Juventus are preparing to play their first summer friendly match. After the last few days of intense training, the bianconeri will get back to playing matches. At 17:30hrs at the Centro Sportivo Pineta they will in fact play a friendly against Cisco Roma, a team of the Lega Pro second division (ex-Serie C2).

The match will be aired live on Juventus Channel which will link-up to Pinzolo a quarter of an hour before kick-off. Interviews from the side-lines, interviews and live commentary with the technical participation of Massimo Carrera in an event which is not to be missed.

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Great Feast In Aid Of The Sant’Anna At Chalet Fiat

For the second consecutive year, the foundation “Crescere Insieme al Sant’Anna” managed to win itself an important bit of space in the Juventus summer training camp. After the great experience of 12 months ago, yesterday evening – Monday 13th July – the high level dinner was repeated.

The location was changed from the PrĂ  Rodont restaurant to the Chalet Fiat in Madonna di Campiglio close to the arrival point of the cable car of the Spinale. The attendance was even greater then that of last year. Over 160 people attended raising €6,000 (from entrance fees and final lottery) also thanks to the extraordinary participation of the Juve troop.

Directly from the summer camp venue in Pinzolo came Ciro Ferrara, Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet, Tiago and Momo Sissoko. This was a fundamental contribution to the success of the evening as was the participation of the partners who also gave a helping hand: Fiat, New Holland, Bet&Click, Apt Pinzolo Madonna di Campiglio and Funivie Campiglio.

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Zanetti: «I’m Playing My Cards"

You write Pinzolo and read Juventus. You write Pinzolo and also read Cristaino Zanetti. The midfielder from Carrara confirmed himself as being a camp-man in Val Rendena since together with Jonathan Zebina he is the only player to have taken part in all of the Trentino summer trips.

Four years, much experience gained and much will to give his contribution for the cause. New coach, new schemes but the same strong will as always:

"The competition has grown? It is normal that the great teams have many players but I am convinced that like always it will be the field to decide and the coach will choose not according to names but according to what he sees. With Diego’s arrival we will change our mode of play but this is not a problem for me and there will always be space for all".

Zanetti begins his season in Trentino with clear ideas. He knows what to ask of the new season and of the future.

"Last year I was conditioned by an injury I suffered in August which was made worse by the rush to get back. It is for this reason that I hope to have a physical condition which enables me to express myself as best I can. I am ready to play all my cards while respecting everyone. My contract expires in 2010? We will soon meet with the directors to discuss and my hope is to stay here and win something important while wearing this jersey".

After a year in Serie B and two in A, Zanetti wants to gain some satisfaction with the bianconeri. The proposal of the midfielder are not very different from the ones of his mates in the past few days:

"I never saw a great gap between us and Inter, not even in the last seasons. Last season we were conditioned by a number of injuries especially at important times. It will not be a race between two teams because Roma, Milan and Fiorentina are there too. We want to do well and with the charge given by the new coach. I see Ferrara as he was when he played: a good defender who was always concentrated and careful for every detail".

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More Hard Work This Morning. Afternoon Free.

The hard work in Pinzolo continues. After the four repeats of 1,200 metres each yesterday, this morning the bianconeri underwent five, continuing the work on aerobic strength. Before the athletic part, the team took part in technical training: the midfielders were busy with Ferrara perfecting pressing and ball-less movements. The back line worked with Maddaloni on positioning, while the attackers trained with Sormani on long balls.

After half an hour the repeats began with the participation of Diego. Sissoko stayed in the gym as scheduled while Del Piero continued to work with Sormani, working on a special physical programme with the use of the ball, a technical and aerobic strengthening session of great intensity.

After the hard work of these last few days the bianconeri will now have time for some rest, Ferrara in fact granted the team a free afternoon.

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