Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Felipe Melo’ s Presentation On Wednesday Afternoon

With the summer training camp having come to an end, Ciro Ferrara is about to have the complete group at his disposal. Before leaving for Andalucia to take part in the Peace Cup, even the last bianconeri will join their mates: Legrottaglie, Giovinco and Felipe Melo.

The Brazilian will be presented officially during a press conference which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd July, at the Juventus Media Center in Vinovo. The appointment is fixed for 17:30hrs and will be transmitted live on Juventus Channel.
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Marchisio: "I Am Sure That Working In This Manner We Will Have A Great Season"

It is a visibly exhausted but satisfied Marchisio who leaves his comments at the end of the match between Juventus and Vicenza.

"It was very hot. I am glad to have played. We did not do too bad when one considers the fact that there were some of us who played two day ago and had a rather long trip. We were rather tired and the heat did not help but we hope to do better during the Peace Cup in Spain".

"Juventus changed with the signing of new players who are important and who will make us make that step ahead in comparison to last year. Ferrara brought along his winning mentality which he had even as a player and I am sure that working in this manner we will have a great season".
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Ferrara: "There Is Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done"

Ciro Ferrara did not seem to be entirely pleased after the 1-1 draw against Vicenza and yet the Juventus coach knows that the team is far from complete and that the heavy workload of the two-week training camp has left its toll on the players, as did the sending-off of Amauri and the heat the match was played in.

"It was a match which was immediately difficult due to the sending off of Amauri but I must be honest and say that I think the team showed good play notwithstanding one player less. I saw some good movement and good reaction".

"We are trying out a new system which the players must still get used to and then one must consider the fact that players like Diego, Sissoko and Giovinco are still to enter and this could make a difference. We managed to create a good number of occasions and this is a positive thing but obviously there is still a lot o work to be done".

The match against Vicenza saw the fielding of the international players: "Today was important for the internationals who I think did quite well especially when one considers that the physical condition must improve. I wanted them to play to start getting back into form. Obviously they were rather tried from the training but they showed some good things".
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Draw At The Briamasco (Juventus - Vicenza 1-1)

The match against Vicenza has one important novelty: the many international players on the field after the few days spent with the rest of the team in Pinzolo.

The first few minutes are rather slow which is acceptable and expected when one considers the heavy workload undergone by the players in the last few days especially the internationals who joined less then a week ago. The match however starts to warm up with Juventus beginning to take over the field and showing good acceleration. On the 8th minute there is a fast bit of action with a Camoranesi cross too long for Trezeguet.

Del Piero seems to be in grade shape and offers a number of magical touches with Juventus gaining metres. On the 13th minute Chiellini heads high from a corner. Three minutes later Bjelanovic takes the Juve defence by surprise, goes past Buffon and passes to Misuraca who scores the opener (1-0).

On the 19th minute Amauri is sent-off for kicking the ball towards an opponent with play at a stop. The decision of the referee is rather heavy and abrupt when one considers that the match is a friendly.

Notwithstanding being one player down, Juventus react well and on the 21st minute a Camoranesi cross is deviated by a defender forcing the keeper to a great save for a corner. Six minutes later it is once again the Italo-Argentine who after some beautiful ball play is fouled from behind with the referee simply awarding a free-kick. Del Piero takes it: the ball is kicked magically but the bar denies him the goal in what was an unlucky miss.

On the 29th minute there is a good Tiago pass towards Grygera who crosses well into the area but the defence manages to clear before any bianconero can head home. Two minutes later there is another bad Vicenza foul, this time on Del Piero with the referee once again keeping the card in his pocket. The captain takes the free-kick but the defence clears.

The 36th minute sees some beautiful footwork by Del Piero with the ball finally deviated into corner. From the flag the ball reaches Cannavaro who first tries to head the ball home and then shoots with his left foot to see the ball go inches wide of the post.

Seven minutes later another hard tackle, this time on Tiago, goes once again unsanctioned by the referee. On the 45th minute the ball is handed by a Vicenza player. It is Del Piero who takes the free-kick from a long distance sending it just slightly wide.

The second half, as is typical of these friendly matches, is characterised by a number of substitutions with Manninger, Zanetti, Salihamidzic, Poulsen and Ariaudo coming on for Buffon, Camranesi, Molinaro, Grygera and Chiellini at the kick-off of the second part of the match.

On the 10th minute Cannavaro is substituted by Alcibiade and five minutes later it is Marrone who comes on for Marchisio. On the 16th minute A good Alicbiade ball reaches Del Piero in the area but the captain is denied what would have been a beautiful goal by Frison. Trezeguet sees a goal being disallowed for off-side.

On the 21st minute Immobile comes on for the captain and on the half hour mark the continuous attempts to equalize bear their fruit. Da Silva fouls Brazzo in the area and a penalty is given which is scored by Trezeguet.

The 86th minute sees a good long ball by Poulsen reaching Trezeguet but the defence clears in time/

The end result, a 1-1 draw, doe not make any of the team particularly happy but when one considers the fact that the bianconeri played with one men less for over three fourths of the game it becomes more acceptable.
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