Saturday, June 27, 2009

Participations Defined - Paolucci Returns To Juventus

As per schedule today Friday 26th June at 19:00hrs the phase relative to participation agreements came to a close.

With regards to Juventus, the most relevant bit of news is that about Michele Paolucci. The Marchi forward in participation with Udinese but having shown his worth in the last season with Catania is back to being a Juventus player.

He is in fact the only player who will return to Turin. In all other cases, the participations were renewed and resolved in favour of the other clubs. Only in one case the sealed offers will be necessary.

Important names like those of Zalayeta and Mirante are of particular interest with both players having their stay at Napoli and Sampdoria respectively being renewed for one more season. The same applies to Volpe who will remain at Livorno.

Other players brought up in the Juventus nursery will not return. Guzman is from today completely owned by Piacenza just like Volpato is a Bari player and Del Prete one of Siena.

Only one case will go to the sealed offers which will take place on Monday 29th June and it regards Rizza, a defender in participation with Livorno.

Below are all the operations finalized in the last two days in detail.

Matteo Cavagna: will remain at Ravenna.
Andrè Cuneaz: articpation with Mantova renewed.
Lorenzo Del Prete: will remain at Siena.
Tomas Guzman: will remain at Piacenza.
Davide Lanzafame: participation renewed with Palermo
Antonio Mirante: participation renewed with Sampdoria
Michele Paolucci: resolved in favour of Juventus
Andrea Pozzato: participation renewed with Canavese
Giuseppe Rizza: no agreement (to be decided by sealed offers on Monday 29th June)
Rey Volpato: will remain at Bari
Francesco Volpe: participation renewed with Livorno
Marcelo Zalayeta: participation renewed with Napoli
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