Friday, May 22, 2009

Grygera’s Season Comes To An End

This morning saw the third training session at the Juventus Center in Vinovo under Ferrara. The heat did not show the bianconeri any mercy. The team was once again busy with an intense session which started off with a warm-up with the ball alternating with stretching exercises.

Paolo De Ceglie returned with the group who just like Momo Sissoko only missed out on the mini-match training separately during the final phases of the session. Only Zebina remained in the gym according to a pre-established schedule.

After the warm-up, the bianconeri took part in a tactical exercise which saw them passing the ball with their hands before moving on to doing so with their feet while paying particular attention to the movements on the field.

The same attention was once again expressed during the mini-match which saw Alessandro Del Piero being forced to stop due to a contusion to the left thigh after a collision with Tiago. The captain’s conditions will be verified during the coming days.

In the meantime today Grygera underwent an ultrasound scan which showed a muscle injury to the femoral biceps of the left thigh. The time of recovery is thought to be of a few weeks and therefore his season has come to an end.
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Fabio Cannavaro: "I'm Back To Win"

A few days ago the club officially announced his return to Juventus. However, before getting back to wearing the black and white jersey, Fabio Cannavaro will have to finish his adventure at Real Madrid, a few matches which will end a three year parenthesis during which he won two championships.

As from July he will return for a new experience in Turin. As from the first day with the team he will be seeking to complete the mission “winning back the fans”. After having said so during the announcement of the contract having been signed, Cannavaro repeated his concept on “Permette Signora”, the magazine programme which will be aired on Sky Sport 1 (at 18:30 with a repeat at midnight):

"Each persons either sees the glass half full or half empty. I see it as being half full. For the club it was a good deal since I was sold for an amount between 8 and 10 million but I am returning on a free contract and earning much less then before".

The recipe to get back to what he was three years ago and therefore an idol of the Juventus fans is already complete:

"For a footballer the most important thing is doing his utmost and I have always done this. Obviously this is another Juve, another club. There will be a lot to work on but this does not frighten me. I will do my utmost and give my maximum professionalism. Then, rightly so, the supporter goes to the stadium and applauds what he liked and boos what he doesn’t. I will always respect everybody but will proceed on my path".

What is clear right from the start is his want of victory. "Fighting for the scudetto? I not why would I have returned…This is not only my objective but also of all the Juve supporters. We want to add another star. Everybody knows Juventus won 29 scudetti. We won them on the field even though the sport authorities handed them to other clubs for other situations. The most important objective is working to win. A club like Juventus must always aim at winning".
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