Monday, June 1, 2009

Camoranesi: "Today We Came Second But We Soon We Will Win The Scudetto"

Mauro German Camoranesi on Juventus Channel: "The second place was the only objective possible and we had to reach it. We managed to do so but I can’t say I am completely satisfied. Our only real objective is the Scudetto which we will try to win as soon as possible. Pavel’s farewell made me emotional. He was an important player, one of those champions who helped this team win a lot in these last few years".
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Nedved’s Goodbye: "As From Today I Quit Running!"

After the run around the stadium and the emotional ovation received from all the Olimpico, Pavel Nedved spoke of his feelings on his 327th and final match in black and white:

"It was a very difficult day but at the same time a beautiful one. I felt the affection of all the supporters and my mates which came as proof of the great things we did together in these years. I did not expect such a feast. I am really happy to have played for a team with these supporters".

"Today I quit running. I will leave my number 11 jersey to Amauri. I am happy about this because I know he really wanted it. As from tomorrow I can dedicate myself to my family who waited for me for all these years".
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Blanc: "It Was After All A Good Season"

Juventus ended the season in the second place, an honourable standing which augurs well for the future, a future which will be characterised by a number of decisions which will be taken by the board of directors amongst whom is general manager Jean Claude Blanc.

"It was after all a good season when you consider the second place. There were very good moments and a recent difficult moment but at the end this second place is a good result and it came thanks to everybody’s work: first with Ranieri and his staff who did a good job and then we decided to charge the players and Ferrara and his staff did really well to get the team back on track".

"Thanks should go to the players, to both groups of staff, Molinaro who played the most even though he couldn’t end the season. In sport one must have the capability to react. Everybody carried his responsibility and we finally managed to end the season well".

"We waited for the end of the season to evaluate everything and now we have to take the decisions for the next season, starting from the technical staff which we will decide about in the next ten or fifteen days".
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Juventus - Lazio 2-0

It was a match rich in emotion which saw Pavel Nedved descend on the field for the last time wearing the black and white jersey. Ferrara’s men continue from where they left off a week ago in Siena registering another convincing victory and the second clean sheet in as many matches with the former defence stalwart as coach.

The Ferrara factor seems to have left its mark really deeply on Juventus who descend on the pitch for the last match of the season very determined and well-placed. From the very start of the match the bianconeri seem to be fired from a cannon.

On the 1st minute there is a great move by Del Piero who after a run passes to Iaquinta in the Lazio area but the pass is a bit too long. One minute later a good run by Pavel Nedved on the flank sees the ball go over the line for a goal kick. The brilliant start, however, soon pays off and on the 3rd minute Marchisio puts a great through-ball towards Iaquinta who enters the area and puts the ball under the keeper and into the net for the opener (1-0).

On the 4th minute there is a corner for Juve: ball into the area, Legrottaglie tries to head but the defence clears. The ball reaches Iaquinta who crosses into the area with the ball put into corner by the defence. From the second corner Chiellini heads high. Two minutes later it is time for a demonstration of great play by Iaquinta and Del Piero in the area but the defence clears in some way.

The 8th minute sees Del Nero who crosses into the Juve area with Buffon saving easily but the flag was up. Two minutes later there is a free-kick for Juve from a long distance: Del Piero takes it but the ball goes wide. On the 12th minute there is a good cross into the area with the ball reaching Del Piero but the Juventus forward is blocked.

On the 13th minute a Del Piero goal disallowed for an inexistent off-side. One minute later Lazio have the best chance in the first half with Kozac who misses a sitter right in front of Buffon with the defence taken by surprise, shooting high. The quarter of an hour mark sees a good run by Zebina who crosses into the area but the cross is too strong and Del Piero does not manage to stop the ball.

The 16th minute sees a great run and pass towards Del Piero by Nedved but the defence manages to clear into corner. From the flag Nedved puts the ball into the area, the keeper punches away, Marchisio shoots but the ball goes high. On the 23rd minute great play by Juve with Brazzo who finally passes to Marchisio who with a powerful shot from outside the area sees the ball go inches wide. One minute later Foggia enters the Juve area and shoots but Buffon is well placed and saves well.

The 33rd witness is an example of Juventus’ great team and passing put into practice with ball finally ending in a corner. Nedved showed extreme class. Eight minutes later a long ball by Nedved towards Del Piero is slightly too long. The 42nd minute sees Foggia who enters the Juve area and shoots but Buffon is well-placed and saves easily.

On the 43rd minute there is a free-kick for Lazio: Ledesma puts the ball straight into the wall. From the rebound the ball reaches Kozac in the area but the striker is off-side. The last bit of action of the first half comes on the second of the two minutes of stoppage time given by the referee: Nedved crosses into the area towards Iaquinta who stops and crosses to Del Piero who with a spectacular overhead kick sees the ball go inches wide.

In the first few minutes of the second half Lazio try to get back into the game but Juventus are concentrated. On the 2nd minute there is a great clearance by Legrottaglie who anticipates Del Nero in an inviting position. One minute later there is a great pass by Del Piero towards Chiellini who misses the ball by inches for what could have been a great goal opportunity.

On the 8th minute Camoranesi is fouled after a good run. From the free-kick the ball reaches Nedved who from a lateral position shoots extremely well with the ball going inches high. One minute later great play by Zebina who crosses low into the area but the defence puts the ball into corner. On the 10th minute Amauri comes on for Zanetti.

The 11th minute sees Ledesma shooting wide from outside the area. Three minutes later there is a great pass by Nedved towards Iaquinta who enters the area and puts the ball beyond the keeper for his second of the game (2-0). The Czech Fury might not have scored but his pass is sure worth a great goal.

Juventus continue to play great football and on the 15th minute Nedved shoots wide but from a very long distance. One minute later there is a great attempt by Del Piero but the keeper is careful. On the 17th minute Brocchi shoots wide from a good position and four minutes later Nedved shoots from outside the area but the keeper manages to grab hold.

On the 25th minute Kozak heads slightly wide in what was a good goal opportunity. Giovinco comes on for an excellent Iaquinta. Four minutes later wonderful play by Del Piero who sees the ball finally being cleared into corner by the Lazio defence.

A player who certainly had a great match is Jonathan Zebina who on the 31st minute put a great ball towards Del Piero who passed to Nedved who was anticipated at the last moment. On the 35th minute Amauri puts a ball down for Nedved who with a great shot from outside the area sees the ball go inches wide. One minute later a Camoranesi attempt goes high over the bar.

Seconds later a Brocchi attempt is deviated into corner by Chiellini. On the 37th minute Juve benefit from a free-kick from the left after a foul on Giovinco which seemed to be inside the area: Del Piero leaves it to Nedved who is denied the goal by the keeper.

It is the 38th minute when Tiago comes on for Nedved who leaves the field for the last time hugged by all his team mates and with a standing ovation by all the stadium. It is hard to hold back the tears seeing a living Juventus legend leaving the field in black and white for the last time.

On the 39th minute there is a free-kick for Lazio: Ledesma shoots straight into the wall. One minute later Kozac hits the post in a rather awkward bit of action in the Juve area. Seconds later there is a free-kick for Juve: Del Piero from a great distance sees Carrizo saving.

No stoppage time is given by the referee and Juventus end the season in a good and well-deserved second place.

Serie A 2008/09 38th Match Day
Turin, Stadio Olimpico
Sunday 31st May, 2009

Scorers: Iaquinta (3rd), Iaquinta (59th).

JUVENTUS: Buffon; Zebina, Legrottaglie, Chiellini, Salihamidzic; Camoranesi, Zanetti (Amauri 54th), Marchisio, Nedved (Tiago 83rd); Del Piero, Iaquinta (Giovinco 71st). Reserves: Manninger, Mellberg, Tiago, Marchionni, Giovinco, Trezeguet, Amauri. Coach: Ferrara.

LAZIO: Carrizo; Lichtsteiner, Siviglia (Tuia 77th), Rozenhal, De Silvestri; Brocchi, Dabo (Meghni 62nd), Ledesma, Foggia; Del Nero (Mendicino 51st), Kozac. Reserves: Muslera, Kolarov, Tuia, Diakite, Meghni, Perpetuini, Mendicino. Coach: Rossi.

REFEREE: Peruzzo from Schio.

Yellow Cards: Lichtsteiner (78th), Ledesma (82nd)
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Ferrara: "We Wanted The Second Place And We Managed To Achieve This"

Full marks for Ciro Ferrara who managed to obtain 2 victories in 2 matches made even more precious by 2 clean sheets and 5 goals scored. The Neapolitan coach certainly left his mark on the end of the season.

"We managed to win six important points. We wanted the second place and we managed to achieve this. I must thank the players who really worked hard in the last 15 days. They accepted me and my methods and worked really well. I am happy to know that the supporters appreciated my work".

"I felt really emotional sitting on the bench. It was not easy for me but the players made themselves available and helped me out a lot. The experience in the youth sector also helped me a lot even at this level things are very different even due to the different issues. I understand those players who wanted to play but could not make it".

"I thanked every one of them personally. The day after tomorrow I will join the national team for the Confederations Cup my mobile will however be on for any news with regards to the Juve bench".

The team showed great play and determination: "What I liked most about today’s Juve is the will to bring the victory home. In the second half we suffered a bit more but the players were determined. We could have done better when it came to finishing but having said this I am happy with how the team played".

On a day of such mixed emotions it is inevitable to comment on Pavel Nedved’s farewell: "It is always strange seeing a player who left a mark on the history of Juventus retire. I am glad that the supporters gave him the well deserved farewell. I am sorry that such a champion who is an example to youngsters decided to stop as I m also sad about Maldini’s farewell".
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Pavel And Juventus, A Fantastic Story Which Lasted Eigth Years

Nedved joined Juventus from Lazio at the beginning of the 2001/02 season. Lazio was the team that brought him to Italy and with him won a scudetto, 2 Coppa Italia, 2 Italian Super Cups, a Cup Winners Cup and a UEFA Cup.

In black and white his trophy cupboard added to its content. As from his first season he contributed to the winning of the scudetto after coming from behind Inter. His unforgettable goal against Piacenza two days from the end of the season re-opened the title race.

The 2002/03 season was even richer in satisfaction: another tricolour and a Champions League final against Milan which he missed due to suspension. Notwithstanding this he still won the golden ball 2003 which he more then deserved.

After the Lippi era, with Capello as coach, he contributed to two scudetto won on the field and then revoked. He was amongst the bianconeri who decided to stay with the club even during the season spent in Serie B and with his performances and his goals helped to bring Juventus first back into the Serie A and then into the Champions League.

Tomorrow’s match against Lazio will be his 326th appearance in which he scored 65 goals. The numbers say much (but not all!) about Pavel Nedved and what he has meant to Juventus.
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Juventus Thanks Pavel Nedved

The relationship between Juventus and Pavel Nedved is about to come to an end. Sunday’s match against Lazio (the only other Italian team for which he played) will be the last match of the Czech as a bianconero.

It was Nedved himself who announced it by means of this press release issued in the afternoon.

"After eight seasons with Juventus it is time to bid farewell to all the supporters, my team mates and the club and thank them for all the support I received in these years. In Turin I won 4 scudetti and a golden ball. As from Monday I’ll start thinking of my future".

"I would like to especially thank my wife Ivana and my son and daughter for always supporting me, accompanying me throughout my career allowing me to reach extraordinary goals. I will continue to feel tied to Juventus by means of an affectionate relationship and I am particularly thankful to the Agnelli family for having given me the opportunity of playing for this great team. I would like to make it clear that my decision has nothing to do with any economical factors".

Juventus answered by means of a note: "Juventus took note of Pavel Nedved’s decision to end his career in black and white after his contract expires. Tomorrow, during the last home match, the club, the players and all the supporters will give him the right tribute as a thank you to a player who wrote memorable pages in the history of this club, contributing in a determinative manner to the reaching of important goals.

During his 8 years in black and white Nedved always fielded his maximum effort, showing great attachment to the jersey and a great dedication which will remain in the memories of all Juventus fans of both today tomorrow. The club wishes Pavel Nedved an equally victorious future in the hope of maintaining a professional partnership which thanks to his charisma and experience can give him and Juventus more causes for satisfaction". Read More......